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Emma Watson
Emma Watson as Leyla Reed
Name: Leyla Reed
Aliases: Ley
Faction: The North
Organization: House Reed
Occupation: Regent Head of House
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Sep 25 103 (17)


She is a small slip of a young woman that stands proudly at five feet. Wiry and strong with wild and unkempt chestnut-brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders, Leyla is built for speed and light movements. Her face is heartshaped with dark, nearly black eyes and strong eyebrows. She has an impish nose, set above her thin but expressive lips. The girl is obviously wild despite her noble bearings, more at home in the trees and swamps rather than courts and festivals.

Her clothes are finely made but still rough and primitive in quality. A dark, leather sleeveless jerkin is worn over an olive green-grey shirt with long sleeves. Brown leather pants, fitted for comfort and movement, is worn low on her hips. A leather belt holds it, and many small pouches, in place. Comfortable supple boots reach up to her mid-calf; the leather, like the rest of clothes, is undyed. She usually carries a self-made bow and a quiver of arrows slung across her back while skinning and combat knives are strapped to her belt.


Leyla Reed is the first born daughter, and for a long time the only child of Harlan Reed and Sesyn Blackmyre; unfortunately her mother died at childbirth and her father, who had loved her greatly, was destroyed by it. Still, he raised his daughter with all the love and affection he had and she grew up strong under his care. She had learned everything needed to not only survive in the swamp but to thrive. Like everyone else in the Neck she learned to hunt, shoot, poison and how to track. She was an excellent study, but the necessity of learning those skills are what truly pushed her to excell in them. Though she was decent with a blade and knew how to throw knives, she was exceptionally good with her bow and arrow.

While she had always thought her father was a fair and just man, Harlan Reed was not exactly loved by all of those who have sworn fealty to his house. One of his greatest enemies was his own older brother, Halys Reed. Their father had always favoured his much more rational and level-headed second son over his first born and never attempted to hide it. That gave birth to resentment which turned to outright hatred when Halys's brother was declared heir over him and Halys himself was exiled over a matter between a Fenn woman, the death of her husband (the heir to the Marsh family) and himself. Though after Harlan's father died and Harlan become head of the house, he forgave his brother and brought him home; however, Halys had never forgiven his family for the incident and still believed himself the true head of the house of Reed.

When Leyla turned fifteen she had finally managed to convince her father to marry again. A Marsh woman was chosen this time to help ease the tension between the families after Halys was forgiven. He agreed, perhaps realizing he needed a legitimate heir to ensure his family's survival and to keep his brother out of the inheritance. Unfortunately, as with his previous wife, Lady Flora Marsh did not survive the childbirth but did manage to give him the son he had always wanted. Further heartbroken despite the arrival of a new child, who he had named Bowen, Harlan became rather weak and lost even more favor from the other houses in the Neck. It was also the birth of this son that had sent Halys over the edge as he realized now that he would never claim Greywater Watch as his own.

Among the many wrongs Halys believed he had suffered (his first born died in a Wildling skirmish after he had been asked for by the Starks, his second was permanently injured in an inicdent he blamed Leyla for, and the loss of his first love, the Fenn woman) he slowly snapped. When Bowen had survived the first two years and reached his third birthday, Halys had had enough. With only one son left (who was utterly loyal to him), and his wife's family's loyalty (since it meant his wife would be Lady Reed) he decided to finally strike out against Harlan.

It was a quick but unexpected attack; he charged the floating Greywater Watch with a number of well prepared men, killing his brother without mercy. Leyla saw what had happened and managed to grab her brother before she made a run for it, aided by the guards and servants still loyal to her father. Halys sent his son and a few of their best men after the girl and the heir - and though she was injured in their relentless pursuit, she made it to safety with her brother strapped to her back while they believed she was dead. Thankfully she had heard news earlier that the head of the house Stark had moved to Oldtown, and so instead of going north the girl headed south, in search of Lord Stark and with the hope that she could find the help needed to raise a small army and get back what is rightfully hers and her brother's.

RP Hooks

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  • Attractive
  • Survivor
  • Uncouth
  • Amoral
  • Lady in Hiding
  • Wealth: Hard Times

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Younger Brother - Leyla's 3 year old brother and heir to the House of Reed in the Neck.


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