A Man Who Knows a Man
Gaspard Ulliel
Gaspard Ulliel as Lexander Charos
Name: Lexander Charos
Aliases: Lex
Faction: The Free Cities
Organization: {$org}
Occupation: Middle Man
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Sep 8 95 (25)


Lexander is a striking man. He is tall and lean, without being too much of either. His face is well made, almost sculpted - strong chin, pronounced cheekbones, patrician nose. He is young without seeming callow — there is something in his dark eyes that says he is no untested youth. His dark hair is straight and hangs loose, reaching his chin to frame his face in the front and slightly longer in the back. A well kept moustache stretches past both ends of his top lip, and a small patch of dark hair is allowed to grow beneath the bottom. He tends toward casual posture and smiles, and a slight accent marks him as hailing from one of the Free Cities.


Lexander Charos? He's some Essosi lord, isn't he? Or maybe a Tyroshi merchant? Captain of a mercenary company, was it? No?

No one seems to know Lexander's origins beyond that he's Essosi, but he has been a fixture in Oldtown for a few years now. He slid neatly in among the upper crust, and there have been rumors that he slid into the lower crust too. Might be that he has his fingers in the delicious fruit filling as well, even. He's young, good looking, wealthy, and pleasant to be around. Really, those are the most important things. Perhaps we don't know much about him, but what could be more important than that?

RP Hooks

Fits in - Lex fits in anywhere. Maybe you fit in somewhere too, and you've seen him there.
Essosi - Sometimes it's hard to even notice, sometimes it's on flamboyant display. If you're from Essos too, it might jump out at you.
Connected - Lex makes a living by connecting people. If you've ever been in need, perhaps he's made the connection for you. Or if you have services to sell, perhaps he's found you work.


  • Connections: Underworld
  • Social Chameleon
  • Troubled Past
  • Connections: Court
  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Cunning Linguist

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The Very Best Company - A lady with many layers. Caution must be our watchword, here - hers and mine.


Business Partner - Dangerous, but so very interesting. So much of the latter that I'm tempted to ignore the former.


Noble Ne'er-Do-Well - Precocious and talented, a co-conspirator of sorts. This child will come to no good, I'm sure of it.


Friend, or Servant - A rough-looking but well-dressed man who often accompanies Lex. Though it is very seldom spoken by anyone at all, his name is Low Valyrian for 'nobody.'


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