Ser Leonte Locke of Oldcastle
Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel as Leonte Locke
Name: Leonte Locke
Aliases: Bastion of The Bite
Faction: The North
Organization: House Locke
Occupation: Knight of Oldcastle
Rank: Knight, Fleet Master, Noble
Age: July 10 (27 y/o)


The innocent trappings of youth are painted only in the piercing cerulean of his eyes; the brilliant blue is shot through with flecks of white and wears a corona of deepest sapphire. Leonte is a broad shouldered, well muscled, individual with a warrior's seeming. His age is marred across his face in the form of several battle scars and a generally weather worn complexion. He stands four inches over six feet tall.

The Bastion of The Bite keeps a full ashen-blond beard. The unique hairstyle he wears harkens to a flat mohawk. The sides of his head have been shaved and he sports a thick plait of light brown (loosely formed) dreadlocks that are gathered in a many banded ponytail that reaches his shoulder blades.
The man wears leather armor but the design is still befitting a Knight. The well stitched armor is inlaid with a set of crossed bronze keys over his heart. At his hip is a nice steel sword and on his back he also openly wears matching one-handed axes. The color pallet for this man tends to browns, blacks, copper and pale purple.


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RP Hooks

Fleet Master: Born on the Northern Shores of The Bite. The Locke family keeps twenty five war ships and several fishing vessels. They are one of the larger navies in The North. Leonte is not currently head of household but he does hold sway over the fleet. He is often tasked with maintaining it and thus is a very capable sailor. He might just be the best in his family.

Astronavigation: Tracking skills and the ability to the decipher the stars like a map. This man is more than a capable warrior. He is a student of the world around him and professes as much.


● Ambidextrous
● Curiosity Killed the Cat
● Stubborn
● Intimidating
● Good Night Vision
● Wealth: Comfortable

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