The Siren of Storm's End
Olivia Thirlby
Olivia Thirlby as Leonor Baratheon
Name: Leonor Baratheon
Aliases: Siren
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Baratheon
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Aug 7 102 (18)

Leonor left with Lord Borros when the Baratheon's fled the Black Sickness, leaving Oldtown to return to Storm's End.


Soft and pale. Those are probably the first things that come to mind when looking at the woman. She's in her late teens at the most, no more than about 5'8 with those calf high leather boots of hers on, and in the region of 115lbs, give or take a few. Her long hair is a long curly dark walnut. It's held back from her face in a simple braid which accentuates her curvy features, dominated by large ocean blue eyes. A curious mixture of pride and humbleness seems to come from her, along with a healthy dose of empathy and kindness. There's something in her gaze that tells of seeing the edge of forever and returning from it wiser.

Her clothing is meant for travel. Good quality fabrics that have been designed to last indefinately, still keeping with the feminine style of the times. A form fitting petticoat with many buttons runs down her form, black cuffs and collar accentuated with a red scarf about her neck. Her torso beneath is clad in a selected layering - A loose fitting, long sleeved white shirt is covered over by a tightly bound black corset that is bound up tightly with leather lacing, buldging her breasts. Her long legs are concealed by a shimmering black skirt that sways with her steps. Her narrow hands are smooth, looking far younger then her adult curves give out. She wears silver ear rings and a delicate silver locket about her pale neck, keeping a picture close to her heart.


Famous for her awe-inspiring voice: Leonor Baratheon is known among many as the Siren of Storm's End. It is said that every time the Stormland's sailors return home from sea, she emerges high upon the keep to sing them a traditional song of hearth. While she isn't very near in bloodline to the Lord of Storm's End, she resides within his family and is regarded as a lady of the house. Leonor's earlier life was spent the same as any female of noble blood; deep within the arts and trained in the craft of wifery. She had a talent with her words and commanded respect from those around her; her charisma lending to her ability to woo and tame with song. Her father was the different sort; strong and noble; a man of action. He ensured that not even his daughters were without a means to protect themselves, giving them some ability with a blade and a bow.

The siren has managed to evade being betrothed for quite a while until her father found the right opportunity to expand his land and riches. The constant fueding between The Stormlands and Dorne was also enough to tie up the bulk of her father's attention. Being the niece of the Lord Baratheon meant she was far enough away from succession her hand in marriage was better served in diplomacy. The time came and he sent Leonor packing to Highgarden to live with the Tyrell's while talks of joining the two houses commenced. It is here that she met Laurent, whom with the death of his parents would keep her as a ward until a time that Leonor would be betrothed. This has since brought her to Oldtown where Laurent is seeking to establish his house and Leonor is struggling with her indefinate fate.

In recent days, Leonor has been brought news of her father's unfortunate death. While they claim it was his heart that gave away, he was not without his share of enemies. Since, the Siren of Storm's End has been sent into a spiral of depression, leaving her in noble purgatory. Thankfully, she isn't the only stag in Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Baratheon - A full blooded Baratheon from Storm's End.
  • Famous - Famous her soothing vocals and for the way she sings to returning sailors.
  • Betrothal - Originally sent to Highgarder to marry a Tyrell before her father passed away. Now in diplomatic purgatory.
  • Classy - She wines and dines with the best.


  • Attractive
  • Famous
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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Charge - Tasked to care for me after the death of his parents. I was once destined for Highgarden and I find myself in Oldtown. Why have you brought me with you? What are your plans?


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