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Samantha Wright
Samantha Wright as Leof Banefort nee Elesham
Name: Leof Banefort nee Elesham
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The_westerlands
Organization: House_Banefort
Occupation: Housewife
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Feb 3 100 (20)


Sun bleached blonde hair is cropped short and sticks this way and that. The woman is petite and compact in height. Her skin is pale and proper like a lady's should be. Her ears are both pierced with small dangling garnets with hawks' feathers on thin wire. Her bright grey eyes are intelligent and welcome, round in shape and still young enough to lack lines. Her nose is rounded and her pale lips are often in a smile which lights her entire face with warmth. Petite, muscled shoulders are revealed, the fine silken Essosi gown in charcoal grey in a halter cut gown. Her chest is nothing remarkable, a gemmed line of fiery orange citrine jewels rest around her neck. Her throat has a serious scar. Her waist is small, a black belt cinching the gown. The belt has orange and charcoal colored beads sewn into it, making it sparkle when she moves.The dress shows the small woman's hips and curved frame. Should her feet show, the woman is likely wearing black sandals.


The sixth child born to a relation in the house of Elesham, raised far off in the Paps during early childhood. After bloodying her eldest brother's nose and terrorizing her cousins within Elesham she was sent to Coldwater for proper education and socialization. It was assumed in Coldwater the stricter house rules would suit her and the knights would teach her to behave herself. This of course was not much help as her intelligence often got her in trouble. Her intelligence however was recognized and to burn off the excess energy she was allowed to practice swordsmanship and archery. When allowed to work her mornings with activity she was a much better student in the afternoon and evening. The logic in her learning the blade was logical, if she ever traveled further in it would protect her from the rugged clansmen roaming the vale and often kidnapping pretty young women. Archery was logical in hunting being a noble pursuit and again - if something did happen on travels - as young women of her station are prone to travel - she would be able to find herself supper without needing a maid or guard. To her father's disappointment and her own relief, time spent in Coldwater did not result in the Lord of Coldwater seeing her as suitable for one of his sons'. Her temperament was not suitable in his words.
On the hunt during the warm months, while visiting Strongsong with one of her cousins, she was traveling and found a bear. Being she was in a dress she ended up tangling herself in a way that resulted in the destruction of a silk gown and the cutting of her hair. She figured her neck was worth more alive than her gown or long flowing locks. Her father, when he saw her, was furious. The rumors are that he was nearly on fire with rage and screamed for nearly six hours, loud enough that everyone in the Paps could hear. His solution was to send her to Oldtown to stay with some distant relative and to contemplate her mistakes and either get a marriage proposal or make a name for herself or until his anger with her was gone. Despite his anger the man still sends her a bit of allowance for her care and needs.

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  • Fiesty
  • Animal Lover
  • Practical
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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