Character Details
Laura Haddock
Laura Haddock as Leire Tyrell
Name: Leire Tyrell
Aliases: Septa Leire
Faction: Faith Of The Seven
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Septa
Rank: Most Devout
Age: Jul 7 97 (23)


A seven-pointed star pendant worn on a silver chain marks this tall, long-haired woman as a Septa, dressed in a robe of fine gray cloth embroidered with silver thread. She has a gleaming silver circlet twined through her chestnut curls, with a teardrop moonstone that rests against her forehead. She carries herself with the elegance and poise of a noblewoman, but with an unassuming air of piety.


Leire was born to a branch of House Tyrell close to the ruling line. When she was auspiciously born on the seventh day of the seventh month, her parents saw fit to demonstrate their devotion to the Seven by giving their infant daughter unto the church. She was raised in the Starry Sept at Oldtown and over the years progressed from serving as an acolyte to taking the vows of a sworn sister. Having traveled for some years to spread the word of the Seven throughout Westeros and administer rites to smallfolk and the highborn alike, she has returned to Oldtown following an appointment to the council of the High Septon and has resumed residence at the Starry Sept.

RP Hooks

  • Starry Sept: Drop in on Leire at the sept for prayer or some counsel. Let's get holy together. Leire can also pay personal visits to attend to matters of faith.
  • Prescient: Leire communes with the Crone in exchange for prophetic messages and visions. One pertaining to you could be next.
  • Rite-ous: Ceremonies and rites are Leire's specialty. If you need to make an offering to the Seven for favor, to mark an occasion or to advance a plot, give me a shout.
  • Dark Secrets: If you went through a crisis of faith or troubled time in the past, maybe it was Leire who helped you pull through. Let's figure out where and when we might have met and what exactly went down.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Prescient
  • Zealot
  • Rite-ous

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