Character Details
Tom Riley
Tom Riley as Leandro
Name: Leandro
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Citadel
Organization: None
Occupation: Artist/Scholar
Rank: Maester
Age: Mar 6 89 (32)



Genius or madman, that's the question often asked of Leandro. The answer to which is "yes." He's far too smart for his own good, and has a terrible tendency of getting into trouble.

He's an exceptionally skilled artist, a talented writer, who illustrates and writes books on a whole manner of topics. Most of these topics are just passing fancies which once explored he puts them aside and delves into something else.

Family History

The following is not commonly known.

RP Hooks

  • Dornish - Leandro's from Dorne, the Tor specifically. Although it's been some twenty years now since he was there and the current ruling Lord would really rather Leandro's existence was forgotten. Leandro himself has, on occasion, while terribly drunk, expressed an interest in returning with all the knowledge he's gained to serve as their Maester.
  • Orphans Of the Greenblood - Leandro's mother, and his siblings, live there. Maybe.
  • Maester - While unconventional he is one.
  • Artist - Leandro will draw for money. He'll write too.
  • Gamble? Or gambol! Leandro may be persuaded to do either/or.
  • Books - Leandro will buy books. He also writes them.
  • Learning - He loves learning.
  • Healing - He hates healing, in particular people who will stop him and ask him to see to their various ailments.
  • Hightower - Leandro has secured a position working at the Hightower.


  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Genius or Madman?
  • Maester of Mayhem
  • Too Sexy For These Robes

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Musician - Madrighal's one of the few people that Leandro tolerates for any length of time. They're working on an extensive project translating ancient songs while trying to preserve the musicality of them. Leandro's been doing all he can to help Madrighal regain his health, which is a surprising display from the Maester who generally grouses about how much he hates healing. Still, can't have his one friend dying on him.


Nuisance - Leandro and Elyas have a history. The least said the better.


Useful - Camillo is not at all annoying, and has proven himself useful time after time. That's close to being a friend to Leandro.


Model - Peri once inadvertently posed for a very unconventional portrait, and not the kind of unconventional most people would expect. Has proved useful when consulting on information about exotic plants.


Hightower - Lady Marsei is one of Leandro's favourite people, not that he actually shows it. She helped secure Leandro a position at the Hightower, and was also involved in him gaining access to one of the greatest historical finds of his lifetime.


Student - Leandro rather likes Bryn.


Dragon - Leandro's favourite Targaryen. He's extremely wealthy.


Actor - Leandro wasn't at all impressed when he heard that Loryn wished to dress a small child as a dragon and send her flying across the Whimsy Theatre amidst flames. As such he offered his services to the theatre in exchange for money.


Dragon -


Not a Maester - Leandro hired Siyu to do some investigative work, to expose a fellow Maester as a fraud. Said Maester has since committed suicide by dragon.


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