Eric Bana
Eric Bana as Ser Layne Blackwater
Name: Ser Layne Blackwater
Aliases: The Half Septon
Faction: The Reach
Organization: Unhired at the moment
Occupation: Hedge Knight
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Oct 1 76 (44)


Layne is a man that was blessed with a good height, he stands 5 feet and 10 inches from the floor and his weight can be set at around 180/200 lbs. His overall look denotes that it's a man of the outdoors, a man who stays fit. He sports a nice tone of muscle mass that is well balanced with flexibility, allowing him ease of movement when needed and strong blows as well. He has dark hair, almost black; he keeps it short and swept. Normally, he keeps it that way. Thanks to the sun, he adopted a tanned skin tone that goes well with his dark hair. His eyebrows are thin and long and his eyes are small, dark and warm. He always seems to be studying people, but aside from offering a warm gaze, they also look calm. His nose is long and thin, having a slight curve that forms mid way. Nostrils are thin as well and the tip of his nose arches down just a little bit. He can be seen with a beard thatthat matches the same blackness of his hair save for a good dusting of grey; however, he never lets it grow more than a well kept beard.

A stained grey shirt is worn over drab grey pants with black quilted coat kept on. Over this mail is worn. It is nothing a nobleman would hold-but it suffices. Over this a black tattered Septon's robe has been placed on, reworked to serve as more of a functioning surcoat than overtly long robe. sleeves hide his vambraces where as the robe's cut back length, barely hides greaves. About his waist sword belt is worn, and here his money is found. he has fine arms for hedge knight. Armored boots, shod his feet.


He is the fourth of five children born to Old Lord Glover, or was. His mother was a Manderly (The Lord's second wife) and thus grew up with some traditions of the Seven. As he grew up, his father tried to have him squired under a Manderly-though that fell through. In the end he was shipped down from the North to a small House in the south. He was taken in by Ser Artemas Darke and was squired up until the elder man's death. As no suitable replacements could be found for the gangly youth, he was given over to the sept for training. He was schooled in the arts of pedagogy and of course religion. The Septon's life seemed to suit Layne Glover, and with that he gave up ties to family and claim to blood as he was ordained in the light of the Seven. He was then sent to serve as House Rosby's chaplain and tutor. He did marvelously for three years, until one day and nine months later, One of the Rosby daughters produced a baby boy.

Outraged Lord Rosby laid the blame squarely on the attractive Septon in their midsts and called for a trial. Which was convened and hastily done. The end results was Layne being flogged and defrocked for his supposed crime. With nothing left, but his old squire training to fall back on Layne adopted surname of Blackwater and traveled through the Crown and Stormlands as a sellsword. As such he found himself in poor company and tight situations-in which training and skill would win out.

It was during the Dornish campaign that he served the House of Tarly as part of a small mercenary band-and proved himself to Lord Alan, by coming to the aid of his son and heir during a particular vicious fight. For his own action in securing his line, Alan had the sellsword knighted-though it lacked any formality and vigil it sufficed. However being a knight now meant he was out of the company and would be more of a beggar than a true fighter. He cashed out his part and continued to ride here and there, serve minor holdings to poor lords.

Now with words of goings on in Oldtown, Ser Layne has come to see where he might find a spot-if any in a noble house's employ.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Poor
  • Former Septon
  • Lucky
  • Learned Man
  • Veteran Outrider
  • Family Outcast

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