Ser Thorn
Jason Flemyng
Jason Flemyng as Laurent Tyrell
Name: Laurent Tyrell
Aliases: The Thorn, Blackthumb (used disparagingly, among those with more flair for gardening than he)
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Jan 9 99 (22)


The first thing that stands out about Ser Laurent Tyrell is his size. Large by any standard, his bulk stands out particularly when surrounded by his Tyrell kin. Where they tend toward lithe, athletic grace, Laurent is thickly muscled and moves with confidence and efficiency that make him seem somehow savage. His dark hair is just long enough to stand at awkward, unruly angles atop his head, perpetually giving him the look of a man who has just removed his helm. His mouth is wide and full, overly so, and he has a long nose that has been broken at some point in the past and healed imperfectly. Dark eyes, small in contrast to the rest of his overlarge features, seem beady beneath his heavy brow. When his teeth, slightly uneven, flash in a smile it tends to come across as more menacing than friendly. Overall, the man has the feel of violence held in check by a frayed leash.


Born to a Tyrell line close to the ruling family, Laurent's life should have been one of ease. He took easily to the life of a knight, showing a natural aptitude with weapons and a love for horsemanship. Add to that a good work ethic, large frame, natural strength, and a burning desire to serve his family? One might think Laurent the ideal knight. But he is one thing that, for a Tyrell, is unforgivable. Laurent is ugly. From his childhood, this put him on the outskirts, socially. His cousins seemed to naturally avoid him by some shared instinct. They seldom crossed the line into bullying - as much because he was large and capable, even as a child, as because they were blossoming into Tyrell ladies and lords, the flower of chivalry. Still, he was never truly included, a pattern that has continued into adulthood. He was squired to a distant cousin, a lesser knight of the Reach who traveled a great deal, and made his living in tourneys. Under his strict tutelage, Laurent blossomed into a proficient horseman and a ferocious fighter. He has the sort of natural talent for violence that, while unseemly in a Tyrell knight, is undeniably useful. Weeks, months, and years spent on the road lent his tutor the time to mold him into a fearsome fighter, with a depth of skill that is startling in such a young man. Still, despite his best efforts, he continued to disappoint in the more courtly pursuits. He lacks the soul of an artist. Poetry and prose leave him cold. Though he continues to try his hand, he has no knack for gardening. In fact, just the opposite. Everything he touches seems to die.

Keen to see his lack of social graces put as far from the family as possible, Laurent's parents sent him to Oldtown, there to serve as captain of his cousin's guard. Garvin was his closest friend, and the Thorn served him ably, though his manners did tend to embarrass. That embarrassment was eventually overshadowed by Garvin's own, however, and Laurent felt obliged to remove his own small family from Garvin's household and from the Garden Isle Manse entire.

During the tenure of his service to Garvin, his father was killed by Ser Maelys Targaryen in a duel, and the body desecrated after. His elevation to his father's responsibilities - the management of incomes, maintenance of fighting men, and other attendant familial duties - prompted him to purchase and take up residence in the Little Bellhorn Holdfast with his most loyal friends and retainers.

It was during this time, too, that tensions rose between the Reach and Dorne. When the heir to House Cockshaw was killed along with his hunting party and loyal retainers, and a Dornish village attacked soon after, Laurent was among the Reachmen accused of the retaliation. Oldtown played host to a Trial of Seven, the first in a great while, which saw the Lords Errant (as they had become known) vindicated and The Sword of the Morning dead.

In the aftermath of the trial, despite his proven innocence, rumors suggested that Ser Laurent found himself out of favor with Lord Tyrell. For some two years, his presence in Oldtown was rare. He campaigned for a time in the Dornish Marches, rode with his men through the foothills of the Red Mountains, and was charged with preventing violence in the Westerlands from spilling over into the Reach.

On his eventual return to Oldtown, he made no formal announcement of his purpose. The timing coincided with the wedding of his younger brother, Ser Loryn, so idle chatter might of course have tended toward that.

RP Hooks

Infamous - Laurent has a black reputation. He may be the most hated man on both sides of the Dornish border.
House Tyrell - Laurent is the oldest nephew of Lord Tyrell, which upon the death of his father made him an important man, if not a popular one.
Seasoned Campaigner - Laurent has been a leader of fighting men for years now, and a successful one.
Tourneys - Laurent seldom misses a tourney. He even makes it a point to ride out to the smaller ones. He doesn't always participate, but he's an enthusiastic fan.
Gardening - And fashion, and admiring the arts. Laurent does the things that other Tyrells do, he just doesn't seem to enjoy them. Nor is he good at them.


  • Anointed Knight
  • Tough
  • Ugly
  • Very Large
  • Black Thumb
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Wife - A lady of House Locke. Absolutely everything a man could want in a wife. Damn it all.


Cousin - My closest friend. Being polar opposites makes us natural allies.


Cousin - My clever cousin. She doesn't care for me, but she's family just the same.


Cousin - Doesn't like me any more than her sister does. Not that I can tell them apart.


Lord Corey Tyrell
Father (NPC) - My father deserved better in the manner of his death. I'll kill the man who defiled his corpse.


Lady Josanne Tyrell
Mother (NPC) - All my life I have embarrassed her. It's fair of her to think ill of me.


Ser Marwen Osgrey
Mentor (NPC) - The late Ser Marwen was a poor knight who made his living in tourneys. He beat Laurent, drilled him mercilessly, and expected nothing less than perfect effort from the young squire from his first day. He was more of a father to the Thorn than Ser Corey, though Laurent has never said so.


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