Character Details
Alan Cumming
Alan Cumming as Lars Costayne
Name: Lars Costayne
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Costayne
Occupation: Customs Master
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: Sep 4 74 (46)


A rather less than imposing man, narrow of build and narrow of face, what could have been sharp features and lines are beginning to soften with the effects of age and good living. Always impeccably dressed in well tailored clothing, Lars has a ready smile beneath a once black, now silvery grey beard and his hair is turning further with every passing year to match. His eyes, the same deep brown as one would expect from a puppy, are framed with the most beautifully long eyelashes, with expressive eyebrows and clear laughter lines at the corners.


A younger son of a younger son of the Costayne family, Lars grew up much the same as any other minor nobleman. He learned to ride and fight and joust, and how to act the gentleman, all with the hope, as with any other minor nobleman, of eventually being knighted. It was in his first tournament, however, still very young and green, that a splintered lance punctured his… well, let's be diplomatic and call it his upper thigh, throwing him from his horse and seriously injuring him to the point that it was touch and go if he'd keep his leg. Whether other more delicate parts remain is not a question for polite company, but it might be noted that whilst he is now a happily married man he still has no children.

With the prospect of a promising martial career as a knight cut short, Lars had a brief stint in the Starry Sept to try his hand at being a man of Faith. He was a student for less than four months before it was decided mutually that the cloth was not for him and instead the Costayne household pulled enough strings to set him up as the customs master in Oldtown. It's not really a job that needs a nobleman for the most part, but it's handy to have the blood to back him up when there's a tricky and delicate situation involving disputes over excise with fleets from any of the other noble houses.

He's learned on the job and slowly picked up a taste for the diplomatic side of his work, as well as always having an eye for some of the stylish clothes and fine wines which might be out of his price range usually, but friendly captains keeping him sweet are often happy to offer as 'gifts' to make sure their cargo is processed smoothly. That's not to say he's crooked. Lars is straight as a nail, but he's just the sort of engaging fellow it's useful to make friends with. The sort of chap who would bend over backwards to help if he can, and be awfully apologetic if he can't. Everyone is treated with the same cheerful optimism by Lars. Smugglers are just misguided fellows who seem to have forgotten (how naughty!) to pay their excise duty, and even the most grizzled and ornery sea captain is 'probably just very tired'.

RP Hooks

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  • Dapper
  • Sees only the good
  • People watcher
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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