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Rosalyn Sanchez
Rosalyn Sanchez as Lara Gargalen
Name: Lara Gargalen
Aliases: None
Faction: Dorne
Organization: Gargalen
Occupation: Lady-in-waiting to Princess Visenya.
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Mar 23 100 (23)


Long hair as black as the darkest night falls about this woman's shoulders, framing a face that most would call beautiful. Hazel-brown eyes sparkle occasionally with a hint of mischief below the elegant curves of her dark brows, complementing a shapely nose and full sensual lips that do look kiss-inspiring. Her skin is smooth and unblemished, showing off the hint of olive tan of the Dornish while slightly pinkening at her cheeks. Her physique is of medium height and definitely feminine, her arms and waist slender, contrasting the shapely curves of her breasts and her backside. Her form is adequately wrapped into a loosely fitting gown of light purple sand silk, clinging to her shoulders and cut out at the front no further than the collarbone, while showing off the olive skin of her back. It is not so much the cut that reveals, but the fabric, as it plays about her form, shifting as she moves, the gown reaching down to her ankles, where shapely feet are covered with slippers made of soft calfskin.


Born in the year 100 at Salt Shore to Lord Arlen Gargalen, brother to the current Lord of Salt Shore and Lord Justiciar of Sunspear, and his wife Rebekka of a minor Fowler branch, Lara Gargalen grew up with an older sister and an older brother. Oddly enough, her sister Ravelia turned out to be more disciplined than her - and virtuous as well. Whereas Lara was blessed with a natural beauty and litheness that would attract the eye from when she became a teenager, and was in fact confronted with temptations that in the long run would be too much for her to resist. The pre-teenage Lara was a doll that would use her looks and charms to her advantage, knowing which buttons to press to make her parents comply to her wishes. And while she does not get along too well with her older sister, she has always been close to her brother Rodryk. A brother who is like her prone to the pleasures of life, with the additional preference for gambling.

Lara spent the first eighteen years of her life at Salt Shore, catching the interest of nobles visiting from other places already early on. She was introduced to carnal pleasures at the age of sixteen, seduced by some Fowler cousin, which was enough to spark an appetite that would soon lead to visiting noblemen occasionally finding her as a charming surprise welcome present in their beds, if she felt inclined to. Lord Ander then decided that Salt Shore was no longer sufficient for Lara's talents - and sent her to off to the court at Sunspear, her first dalliance there occurring after the first days already, with a Santagar. It seemed that every social occasion inevitably meant some amorous activity for the young Gargalen lady, who was very free in granting her favors.

In the past four years this has caused quite a bit of gossip: the brief romance with a young lord of House Dalt, which almost turned her into his paramour; which did not come to be, because she got involved with a rival of his shortly after. There was also the rumor about her being lent out for a night to a certain noble Dornishman, in order to pay for her brother's gambling debts - whereas she claimed she would have sought out the gentleman in question either way. A year ago she was involved with one Lord Zephyr Jordayne, brother to the late Lord Jordayne; this Zephyr was a colorful presence in Sunspear, sent there to represent the Jordaynes at court; she was allegedly with him in the night when he died of a heart attack - a man in his early seventies - which led to even juicier rumors.

After that Lara was ordered to return to Salt Shore, as Lord Ander felt he needed to channel his niece's activities into a more purposeful direction - and one that would benefit House Gargalen. She has recently returned to the Dornish Capital, to serve as lady-in-waiting to the foreign Targaryen Princess Visenya, whom the Prince Torren Martell is to marry. Some would argue this is a good move to gain a prestigious position for a member of House Gargalen, others may see this as a way to teach Lara discipline and responsibility - yet there are some who claim this to be a very obvious move to place her in the retinue of Prince Torren, to mayhaps catch his fancy and become his paramour.

RP Hooks

  • Lady-in-waiting to Princess Visenya Martell
  • Involved with the Scorpion
  • Scandalous past and present


  • Attractive
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Easily Tempted
  • Hint of Scandal

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The Targaryen Princess - The Northron I am to play lady-in-waiting for. She has white silvery hair, I wonder why she prefers to keep it that short, though. She seems to get along quite well already with her newly-wed husband Prince Torren. But why keep up this display of innocence? Does she think he will find that enticing?


Prince Torren Nymeros Martell - A rather fleeting acquaintance so far, from my previous stay at Sunspear during which our paths only have crossed occasionally at some official festivities. If he is aware of the rumors surrounding my person he does not show it - or maybe he does not care. But I feel he is gracing me with more attention, now that I am to keep his newly-wed wife company.


The Lady of Skyreach - I am related to her, from my mother's side, and I must say she's quite impressive. By all means. Dalliances where you look. The Prince of Ashes whom she's used excessively and is to marry now. I'm a well-behaved little girl in comparison to her, but then again, a Head of House can take many liberties. Especially here in Dorne.


Mistress of Keys - Lady Ynys, taking charge already of Princess Visenya's household, subjected me to a first round of questions. I doubt my answers were all to her liking, especially those referencing the Scorpion. But apart from that, we should get along nicely, as we both value candidness in our interactions.


Desert Fox, Cousin - He seems to have gotten himself into trouble… some discord with Prince Torren and Princess Visenya, that may have to do with Princess Mariya. I need to talk to him, and find out what all of this is about.


Ser Elyas Jordayne - Great-nephew to my dear late Lord Zephyr. He appeared to be a little shocked when he made my acquaintance. He is handsome though. I would certainly like to get to know him better - if he is still interested.


Scorpion - Ser Manfryd Qorgyle, skilled with the spear, killed a Targaryen. Hot tempered, which is an advantage, and the reason Princess Visenya asked me to become 'friendly' with him. Alas, he's not the most prudent when it comes to deciding his strategies. He is innocent of the crime he was accused of in Oldtown, and I am glad we got him out of there - even if the stain will cling to his name.


Prince Auberyn - A fond memory, I've occasionally sought to refresh. We are acquainted, but have hardly talked, instead engaging in interactions of the more pleasurable kind


Vynesa Manwoody - A pretty young thing who has been repeatedly violated by her husband, currently room mate in the Hightower and fellow lady-in-waiting to Princess Visenya. I tend to tone my behaviour down a little when she's around, and after all, she's very much like a little sister to me.


Melyssa Fowler - A delightful cousin and friend, youngest daughter to my mother's sister.


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