Character Details
Goran Visnjic
Goran Visnjic as Kiral
Name: Kiral
Aliases: (Old) Glaive of the Manticores
Faction: Essos
Organization: None
Occupation: Wanderer
Rank: Bastard
Age: Jan 2 95 (26)


This man stands at around six foot one, with tanned white skin, which is littered with scars here and there, which look to have been received during battle. He has straight black hair that covers sharp ears, and falls down to the nape of his neck, strands of hair falling over his forehead just past his thick, angled black eyebrows which rest above deep set dark brown eyes, he has a bit of a stubble, it suits him well.. The man has an oblong facial structure with high-set, subtle cheekbones and a strong jawline and chin, above which are a set of colored, thin lips and a subtly hawk-like nose. The man is fairly slim, but is built strongly, with highly defined muscles all over his body, powerful biceps and calf muscles, his shoulders set high and strong, his chest and abdominals highly defined and strong.

The man is often dressed in a black long-sleeved overcoat that is secured around the waist by a black belt with various pouches attached to it, the coat is worn over a simple white, half-sleeve tunic made from linen that is laced in the sleeves, with black linen pants which are wide in the leg, completed by a worn brown laced leather boots, when not travelling he ditches the coat and simply keeps to the tunic.

At his left side, the man often carries a black sheathe with iron reinforcements, it holds a bastard sword, which is made of fine, sharp steel, it has a silver crossguard, it's grip wrapped in black leather, the pommel a simple, round silver one.


Kiral is an Essosi born man hailing from Qarth, little is known about the man's past, but some say he once lead a renowned mercenary company known as the Manticores in Valyria, and others say that the man may be the bastard son of a Pureborn of Qarth, fewer still claim to have seen the man in Qarth once, collared before a noble lord or lady.

RP Hooks

Bastard of a Pureborn - Kiral was born after a passionate night between a Pureborn of Qarth and a relatively well-off merchant woman.

Renowned Essosi Mercenary Leader - Kiral spent many years in a mercenary company that racked in many achievements, eventually coming to lead this company for a few years before it was destroyed in a tragic battle.

Ex-slave of Qarth - A darker part of Kiral's past, he spent time as a pleasure slave to various noble men and women, and was highly sought after by many for his battle-hardened body.


  • Battle Hardened
  • Attractive
  • Pureborn Bastard
  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Weakness for Women
  • Loves Battle

IC Events

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Daemond Lannister - A man whom took I have promised to become sworn to, when I find him again.
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