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Zac Gilford
Zac Gilford as Kevyn Cockshaw
Name: Kevyn Cockshaw
Aliases: Dolphin's Bane
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Cockshaw
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Major Noble Lord
Age: 17


Kevyn Cockshaw is a young man, not yet out of his teens, though he's on the upper end of them. Seventeen or eighteen, likely. He's average height. Short of the six-foot mark but not notably so. His build is athletic, but not overly muscle-bound or imposing. He has fair skin, tanned from time in the sun, and short-cropped sandy brown hair. His face is unremarkable, save his hazel eyes, which are both guarded and thoughtful. His accent, coloring, and general bearing mark him as a Reachman born and bred.

He's typically dressed in tunic and trousers of good make, albeit not flashy. That tunic is usually black, with stripes of red, white, and yellow on the sleeves. The colors of House Cockshaw. Sturdy riding boots are worn on his feet, and around his waist is a sword belt, made of tooled leather and decorated with a pattern of feathers for their house. A scabbard hanging from it carries his broadsword, and another smaller sheath a dagger.


Kevyn Cockshaw is the second son of Ser Henrik Cockshaw, who is himself just a cousin to the current ruling lord with no power beyond his knighthood within his House. The sort of noble who has little more than a good name, born so low in the line of succession that he has no chance of ever inheriting a meaningful title or power within his family. Growing up easily overlooked and of little consequence to anyone, Kevyn had more or less accepted this state - even taken some comfort in it - all his life. That may be changing now. For good or for ill for the young knight.

The Story Thus Far:

Late 120 The Reluctant Squire Kevyn is taken on as squire to Ser Viggo Cockshaw after a hunting accident paralyzes his elder brother - and Ser Viggo's former squire. It is an arrangement both greet amicably but skeptically.
02.01.121 Coming to Town Kevyn arrives in Oldtown with Ser Viggo, to take up semi-permanent residence there. The pair are somewhat adrift, given the rumors that surround Ser Viggo's involvement in the death of Lord Brockholst Ball and the knight's semi-retirement from his days of full-time tournament glory.
02/121 The Dolphin Festival Kevyn gains some notice during the Dolphin Festival tournament when he helps rescue the little Lord Lionyl Hightower from drifting out to sea. It's enough to get him the favor of Lady Keyte Tyrell, which he wears at the Freeriders and Tirocinium melee. His actual swordplay performance isn't remarkable, though he does manage to place second to Lady Maera Mormont (who he rather embarrassingly yields to). Ser Viggo makes an even better account of himself, winning the Grand Melee.
03/121 - 04/121 The Razing of Wickham's Nest Tragedy strikes the Cockshaw family when a raid strikes a family hunting lodge - Wickham's Nest. Dozens are brutally killed, including Ser Eryk Cockshaw, Ser Viggo's brother and heir to House Cockshaw. Kevyn, along with many others, investigate and come to believe the Blackmonts, a Dornish noble family, are responsible. As vengeance, a party leads a raid on the Blackmont settlement, the Red Rookery. The Blackmonts are wroth and demand justice, forcing a trial by combat in Oldtown between the Cockshaws and their allies, and the Blackmonts and their representatives. Ultimately, the Reach men triumph and the Dornish and their representatives are defeated. Ser Osric Dayne is killed by Ser Quillian Oakheart. Lord Arnau Blackmont is bested in combat by Ser Viggo, though Viggo opts to spare his life when he yields. Kevyn doesn't die, which is a victory in itself.
04.21.121 The Knighting of Ser Kevyn Kevyn Cockshaw is knighted by Ser Viggo and Septa Leire in the Starry Sept.


  • Artistic
  • Self-Effacing
  • Spare Son
  • Wealth: Opulent

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