Character Details
Kaya Scodelario
Kaya Scodelario as Kesha Tyrell
Name: Kesha Tyrell
Aliases: None
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Sep 16 102 (18)

Vanished from Oldtown. (Stowed away on a ship and sailed to the Free Cities).


A tumble of dark, dark waves frame the canvas of her face in glossy shock, forcing otherwise dull gray-blue eyes to pop. Kesha's a pretty enough noble girl, the sum of all her features working in harmony, often given life by a bright look in her eyes or a knowing smile on her face. She is neither short, nor tall, with an average sort of weight in-between plump and reedy.


Many can claim to have grown up in Highgarden, but few can say their childhood days were spent amidst gardens and fountains, shady courtyards, and marble colonnades and even fewer still because their surname is Tyrell. A cousin to the ruling Tyrells, Kesha—along with her identical twin sister, Keyte—can say just such a thing. Beyond coming from nobility and wealth, not much remarkable could be said about her youth. Mostly well-behaved (at least when it counts) and sometimes mischievous (it's only improper if you get caught), she at least appears to be a proper young noblewoman.

The younger twin, Kesha struggled to prove herself the better twin, though the only arenas she truly succeeded in this were riding and art—the former largely because Keyte does not care for horses at all. They have more in common than they don't, which often they use to their advantage, covering for one another, even to the point of standing in for the other one on occasion. She is somewhat known for her portraits, if only among friends. Though she believes in doing something well if it is to be done at all, she often doesn't seem to have much in the way of ambitions. Particularly, she spends more time with other Ladies than looking for a suitable match of a Lord. Along with her sisters she's been recently uprooted and re-planted in Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Twin sister — She has an identical twin sister, Keyte, who sometimes pretend to be her (and vice versa).
  • Infamous sister — Her older sister, Katya, is rumored to have (possibly) murdered her husband.
  • Horsewoman — In contrast to her twin, she loves horses and is a proficient rider.
  • Artist — She likes to draw and paint, particularly portraits of friends and associates.
  • Floral — Spends much of her time with the flowers, whether they be gardens or ladies.


  • Secret Keeper
  • Is There Two of You?
  • Flower Lover
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Twin Sister — My twin and the one person I might put first. She does get herself into ridiculous situations, however, making promises she doesn't want to keep. Why doesn't she listen to me more? Disappointingly bad at riding.


Older Sister — Most people would consider her a terrible chaperone, but I prefer not to be oppressed as those people might like. She cares when it matters.


Cousin — The Thorn among the Roses. Well named. Life has dealt him some harsh blows, especially of late. Assuming he hasn't caused some of them himself.


Cousin — If only he would be less of a disgrace in public.


Family Friend — More impressive when he isn't drunk, which is nearly never.


Twin's Crush — I fail to see how he is dreamy in the least.


Childhood Friend (of sorts) — Unusual for a Targaryen, he has a sense of humor (as well as just some sense, but I'll never admit it). However, if he thinks he will prevail in a war of pranks he is wrong.


Hostage Acquaintance — Dreadfully naive, but sweet seeming. I hope she is well surrounded by people to protect her.


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