Lady Katya returned to Highgarden to escape the Black Sickness.

Lady Katya Ball
Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander as Katya (Tyrell) Ball
Name: Katya (Tyrell) Ball
Aliases: Kat
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: 22


Katya was born in something like an ideal position - cousin to one of the wealthiest families in Westeros, with the Tyrell name and fortune at her disposal but without the pressure or responsibilities of the ruling branch. Her parents' benign neglect allowed her to pursue her own interests through her youth, provided that she did not embarrass them by fleeing or sabotaging a betrothal when it came. It wasn't precisely the life of her dreams, but it was a compromise she could live with.

So she married Lord Brockholst Ball and took her place as the Lady of Sacheland Tower for almost three years before her husband's untimely death. His plunge from the rooftop of a feast in Oldtown was generally deemed suspicious and naturally some of that suspicion fell on his young widow, who seemed only as sad as was required by good manners. But there was no proof to be had and so after an appropriate mourning period at home in Highgarden she returns now to Oldtown as a somewhat dubious chaperone to her two younger sisters, Keyte and Kesha.


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