Character Details
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler as Kaspar Royce
Name: Kaspar Royce
Aliases: None
Faction: The Vale
Organization: House Royce
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Sep 22 99 (21)


A tall Valeman of medium build with grey eyes and shoulder length brown hair. His nose appears as though it has been broken at least once though he could be considered handsome albeit in a rough-hewn way. Kaspar is dressed in court clothes: Black woolen trousers, and doublet of bronze-hued leather with black slashed undersleeves, a sword with the runes of the First Men etched upon the bronze pommel and cross-guard. Kaspar's right ring finger is adorned with a heavy bronze signet bearing seal of his house: Black iron studs on bronze, bordered with the runes of the First Men.


The younger brother of Lord Wilmar Royce and the late Lord Yormar Royce, once Regent to Lady Jeyne Arryn, Kaspar was a precocious child who mastered Valyrian at nine; quickly thereafter the boy became a lackadaisical pupil. Books and parchments held no allure for the youth. He sought every occasion to escape his father's doddering Maester and race off to the woods and shoals bordering Runestone. There, the boy developed a fondness for fishing, hunting, and sailing. Following Kaspar's eleventh nameday, his aunt Lady Rhea Royce sent Kaspar to foster in the household of Lord Grafton and squire for his heir.

Kaspar proved an able squire, though the droning of aged Maesters had lost all allure, the clash of arms thrilled the boy. He served Lord Grafton's heir for five years and earned his spurs at the age of sixteen after winning a small tourney held on the occasion of Lord Grafton's daughter's 15th nameday. Upon returning to Runestone he served his Aunt and elder brother, Lord Wilmar, with due diligence-for all of two years. Soon, Kaspar began to chafe at the parochial atmosphere of Runestone. He earned tourney honors once again during a two day joust held at the Pebble wherein he unseated a number of the Vale's regional heroes. Although, to Kaspar Royce, the victory was insipid a pale and facile thing compared to the honors won at Gulltown where he bested a number of the finest lances in the Vale and the Riverlands.

Kaspar developed a reputation as something of a rake and wastrel. He spent an inordinate amount of time in wine sinks drinking and juggling daggers when he was truly inebriated. His natural dexterity served him well. He has not, as of yet, lost a digit. A minor scandal ensued when Lord Wilmar discovered that his brother had fathered a bastard with the daughter of the dowager Lady Coldwater. The girl's brother challenged Kaspar to a duel. Kaspar bloodied the youth but did not kill him. The words that passed Lord Wilmar and Kaspar are a matter of some speculation in the Vale. Within the week, Kaspar was sailing south, bound for Oldtown. Since his exile, Kaspar has captained one of Lord Royce's galleys. Oldtown has certainly proven to be more stimulating than Runestone.

RP Hooks

  • Vale politics: Recently, Kaspar has taken an interest in the political climate of Runestone and The Eyrie.
  • Maritime Trade/Maritime Warfare (He Captains one of Lord Wilmar Royce's galleys).
  • Swordplay and Jousting
  • Hunting
  • The Old Gods and the Folklore of the First Men: Kaspar is a knight and follows the Faith of the Seven, although he has an interest in the history and folklore of the First Men).


  • Ambidextrous
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Blood of the First Men
  • Vain
  • Compulsive Carouser

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Elder Brother - My dear brother Lord Wilmar is still quite wroth.


Good Sister - My brother's lady wife waxes wroth but is not so choleric as her lord.


Sister - My long-suffering elder sister: now of house Coldwater.


Sister - My sweet "little" sister: Lord Lady Pryor's widow.


Goodbrother - My sweet sister’s husband: the future Lord Pryor. He was a capable man albeit an unremarkable knight.


Aunt - My father's sister, now of House Blackwood. A convivial woman—not half as grave or tedious as her siblings.


Squire - My squire, Lord Redfort's heir. A boy of thirteen.


Page - My page, Lord Grafton's second son. A boy of eleven. Burton's cousin.


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