The Darke Knight
Luke Evans
Luke Evans as Karys Darke
Name: Karys Darke
Aliases: Nicknames or Aliases
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: 26


Karys is a man appearing to be within his mid twenties with short well kept black hair, a mustache, and a soulpatch upon his lower lip. His physical build is that of a considerably well built one, much fitting of a knight, and would bare many attractive features. His skin would be that of a light tan from exposure to the sun, upon his body in numerous areas would reside healed cut wounds, the most noticeable being a 3 inch cut along his right cheek, heading slanted down towards his lower lip.


Born within Duskendale, Karys is the son to Eric and Anya Darke. From a young age, Karys had longed to be a knight, as was his father, and his fathers father. At the age of 12, he began training in the art of blades, learning how to properly use them to his potential. During his years, as he was learning the art of the sword, he father also assigned him a tutor, a tutor that would train him how to use more bludgeonous weapons, such as the flanged mace or the war hammer. As he dawned to the age of 15, he immediately went into squirehood, sent off by his father, he spent his next five years with his uncle, Tedd Darke, and as he came of age, twenty years old, Tedd Darke proclaimed him a Knight… Years would pass, and at the age of 23, his father would fall to unknown causes within his bedchambers. Karys, convinced foul play was involved, personally investigated to find he had rather been poisoned. By whom and for what reason though remains a mystery. A mystery in which Karys is determined to solve. Karys spent the next two years searching, investigating, doing what he can to unravel the truth about his fathers murder, only to find nothing. Karys is now at the age of 25, and has arrived in old town to serve as a knight of the Crownlands, his loyalty pledged to the Targaryen House.

IC Hooks

  • Anointed Knight
  • Minor Noble: House Darke, Knightly House of the Crownlands
  • Sworn to House Targaryen


  • Chivalrous
  • Attractive
  • Minor Nobility
  • Wealth: Hard Times
  • Quiet (Aka Semi-Mute, meaning he doesn't talk that much unless he wants to or deems it necessary to.)
  • Kind-Hearted

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