The Jokester Knight
David Lyons
David Lyons as Ser Kane (prev. Aikan of Southshield)
Name: Ser Kane (prev. Aikan of Southshield)
Aliases: Ser Kane the Frivolous, Ser Kane the Capricious, Ser Kane the Comical, Ser Kane the Colourful, Ser Jackanape, more
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Hedge Knight
Rank: Knight
Age: Dec 24 84 (36)


This hedge knight is a tall man, but not unusually so, standing at six feet. He looks to be between thirty and forty years; what creases exist on his face are etched in, aging him, though not poorly, despite the hang of shadow under his heavy-lidded eyes. He carries many a foolish title, but Ser Kane is a good measure more handsome than his reputation might suggest. He's broad-shouldered and fit, neither bulky nor thin. His hair is a brown mess of unruly curls cut to his nape; the same brown scruffs about his face, seeming perpetually a few days absent shaving. His skin is a travel-worn light tan, tending to knit between his subtle brows, along his forehead, and to fold pleasantly for smile-lines around his mouth and eyes, which are clever and blue. A finger-length horizontal scar digs shallowly into left side of his neck. His features are neat, symmetrical and patrician, with a slight innate cockiness; he'd pass as a highborn easily if it weren't for the state of the rest of him.

He wears an odd, small gold or … gold like bauble pierced through one ear, which can only both compliment and contrast his flamboyant but cheap armaments. Presently, Ser Kane the Frivolous wears steel plate armour cuirass, covered in red, enameled paint, cracking and chipping, with swirling, flowery designs in black and violet. He wears a surcoat underneath rather than overtop, red and brown, stained and stitched and decorated with some manner of metallic embroidery. The surcoat hangs below as well as covering his arms; leather peeks from under his sleeves for protection. Scratched schynbalds protect him over blackened leather boots, which wear mismatched spurs. A sword rests at his hip, and various beltstraps hold a dagger and pouches. Fastened to his armour is a cape, patched together from at least five different fabrics in dark red, blue, purple, and black.

The look is motley, yet orchestrated with a sense of flair.


Whoever Ser Kane the Frivolous, Capricious, or Many-Named was before he was a knight changes with every telling — his own telling, that is. Ser Kane was once known simply as Aikan, as he still is to his mother and hopefully no one else. His peers eventually realized that his name sounded just like how he'd feel after they beat on him. He would, some time later, insist to be called "Kane", which wasn't a whole lot better, considering it sounded like what he would be using after he was beat on.

Since then, he's travelled the countryside, even as far as the Stepping Stones in Essos, sailing pirate seas, if he can be believed, which he usually can't. He made his way as a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none; a pickpocket, a handyman, any job he could convince his way into by over-inflating his history; whatever fated-to-fail get rich quick scheme he concocted next. Sometimes he was an over-aged squire to several shabby and desperate hedge knights who he ditched when he got where he was going; even the occasional hired sword, by the time he earned strength through experience. Eventually, no one knew Kane before knew what became of him.

What he became was a poor hedge knight with more flair than he can afford — always painting his armour flamboyant colours for tourneys, cracking jokes at his competitors, and playing sleight of hand tricks to amuse crowds. He became known as Ser Kane the Frivolous … then Ser Kane the Capricious, Ser Kane the Cocky, Ser Kane the Comical … he gathered as many names from others as he did by announcing himself under a different title at every new encounter.

Despite the silliness of most of the monikers, he had enough credibility for being fast, smart, and … well, not terrible with a weapon. He's been a swornsword and disposable body all the way from House Beesbury of Honeyholt to the Dornish Marches for the Stormlands, although he's just as likely to be found concocting a doomed scheme or bit of show that has nothing to do with knighthood. He wanders, scraping by on the skin of his teeth under many a hedge.


Eye For Detail Grand Embellisher
Hallucinations Knightly Performance Anxiety
Storied Name Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

  • Knight For Hire - if you don't mind employing a hedge knight, Ser Kane is here for you. He might even hit something. Also, he may have served various people and families in the past for various causes or met people at tourneys far and wide.
  • Slightly Famous Name - Ser Kane's colourful title, or titles, are more famous than the man himself. Ser Kane the Frivolous is presently in highest circulation; Ser Kane the Capricious and Ser Kane the Colourful are close behind. He doesn't have any songs written about him or anything (not that he hasn't tried to convince many a bard to make this happen), but there are stories (more like rumours) about the hedge knight. He does tend to stand out, to those who have seen him at tourneys; while he doesn't have the most imposing battle strategies, he does wear colourful painted armour, crack a lot of smartass jokes, and uses sleight of hand and quick-moving trickery to best his opponents. When he does best them, it's typically the big, slow ones. Usually, he falls to the ground, bleeding, but everyone still gets a laugh, right?
  • Claims To Be One Quarter Tyrell - Roughly sixteen years ago he walked into Highgarden court and claimed to be someone's son. In fact, he's the son of that Tyrell's good-for-nothing bastard who hasn't been seen nor heard of for years. It's something.
  • Pirate Ties — He was totally telling the truth about that.
  • House Beesbury of Honeyholt - Ser Kane was knighted during service to this small house sworn to the Hightowers back in the day. Some of the family didn't look too fondly on him after an incident where his lord died and Ser Kane wasn't present to protect him.
  • Fought in the Marches - He served a marcher lord some years ago and fought loyally against the Dornish until he abandoned the party one night after the suspicious death of a healer, who was in service to one of the lords present. There's little doubt anyone in that group would suspect he murdered her and disappeared into the night.
  • Natural Investigator - Looking for someone? He might've seen them with his sharp eyes. Trying to find something? He's a a better investigator and tracker than he is a warrior.
  • Attention Whore - y'know?

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