The Nomad
Ken Watanabe
Ken Watanabe as Kain
Name: Kain
Aliases: Kain, The Unknown Nomad
Faction: None
Organization: None
Occupation: Healer(?)
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: 40


This man of average height, perhaps a little less, and certain lithe appearance to him. More stringy muscle tone than bawdy, heavier muscle of men of Westerosi origin. His skin heavily tanned, giving the suspicion that he has spent the majority of his time outside and the appearance not native to Westeros. He has sharp features, with an angular set of eyes that seem to fit the rest of his weathered face. He has no hair atop of his head. Rather he seems to purposely keep his head bald and clean shaved. His eyes are dark brown, so dark that they almost border on black. There's light scaring on his right cheek from what looks to be an injury years ago.

His attire appears to one of someone who lives off the land for a living. An assortment of old trousers and vest covered up by cloak made up of layers of animal furs. Old boots adorn his feet. There is a smell of herbs about his presence, suggested by the satchel the man carries on his person.


Little to nothing is known about Kain. He claim to be from Essos, but there is almost no record of his living there. He appears to be nothing more than a wandering healer who seems to be far too well-read for an ordinary Smallfolk.


  • Mage Hunter
  • Patient
  • Observant
  • Nomad

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