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Ben Barnes (Voyage of the Dawn Treader)
Ben Barnes (Voyage of the Dawn Treader) as Kai
Name: Kai
Aliases: The Pillowcase, Little Man, Many-Swords.
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Swornsword
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Jan 1 102 (20)


Come get your love.
(Eyes are a light-gray color, rather than the dark brown pictured to the right. I also imagine him to be a little bit rougher-looking, if that helps.)

A young man, his hair is dark black and reaches down to his shoulders, his fringe cleanly parted to reveal a compact forehead, which bears a number of small, faded scars. His deep-set eyes are of a light gray color, his brows low-set and seemingly naturally furrowed. His nose is thin and pointed, and he bears an angular jawline with a pointed chin, set below chapped, dark lips. He keeps a well-kept full, dark beard that is kept nice and trimmed.

He stands a little over six feet tall, and his physique seems stray over towards the lean side, however it can be seen that the young man is fairly well-built, and he carries himself with the relaxed, confident movements of a man whom is no stranger to the battlefield, nor the long march.

He is dressed in a dark, long-sleeved tunic that is rolled up to his elbows, his tunic has a fairly long v-neck, revealing the middle of a lightly haired, firm chest, all the way down to his solar plexus, allowing a small number of pale scars to be seen on his flesh. He wears a pair of dark brown trousers, secured by a sturdy black belt with an assortment of pouches hanging from it, along with a leather-clad journal which is secured by a fairly long, thick string. His boots are of the dark leather variety, laced up firmly.


A young man, seemingly from Essos. His past before coming to Oldtown is something that he keeps to himself, rather closely at that. Well-traveled, and rather battle-hardened for someone of his age, at the very least his life was most likely not easy.

RP Hooks

  • Sellsword, turned swornword - A trained swordsman, amongst other things, he used to sell himself to the highest bidder, but after swearing himself to a princess of the realm, the game has changed a little.
  • Foreign - Native to Essos, he has seen many of the free cities, amongst more obscure locations on the continent.
  • Well-traveled - Once a stranger to Westeros, he has now walked the sands of Dorne, all the way up to the snow North of the wall, and one could easily forget he has seen much of Essos as well.


Courteous Kai is a composed individual, and even when he insults a man, he tends to do it in a rather courteous manner.
Iron Stomach He is a man that has seen much despite a short life, and his stomach has risen to the challenge many times.
Opaque Kai is a confusing individual, one never knows what he is truly thinking, indeed, perhaps he does not either.
Quiet A different kind of man than he used to be, he has taken to keeping quiet when around others, thinking more and talking less.
Absent He has a thing for staring off into the distance, or fiddling with any number of items in his possession, in an absent fashion of course.
Wealth: Poor A rather simple individual, he has no need for any more money than he requires to get by.



Friend - A close friend, whom I would die for. However, with recent changes, I'm not so sure he would see me as an ally anymore.


The Princess - The woman that I have sworn my service to.


Probably not friendly - I may or may not have burnt his ship a little at one point or another, anyway, he most likely doesn't see me in a good light, it'd probably be in my best interests to do something about that.


Drinking buddies? - I suppose that is a good way to say it.


Drinking buddy - Yeah.

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