Tiah Eckhardt
Tiah Eckhardt as Kaelea Blacktyde nee Kazan
Name: Kaelea Blacktyde nee Kazan
Aliases: K, Lea
Faction: The Free Cities
Organization: Pentos
Occupation: Lady
Rank: -
Age: Dec 6 102 (18)


Appearing to be in her early to mid twenties, with perfect posture and an air of self-assured confidence, she stands at approximately 5'4" and possesses an athletic yet feminine body type.
A soft, flawless ivory complexion framed by long, hair, soft as silk, the brilliant color of sunbeams dancing in honey reaches almost to the small of her back.
Her ears are small, a straight nose, high, well-defined cheekbones, a rounded chin, vibrant green eyes fringed by long lashes that hold an almost sultry look, thin, slightly arched brows.
Full, pink lips, usually sporting a smile bringing dimples dancing in her cheeks, complete her remarkable face. Her petite body is athletic, gently curving in the right places giving her a look of health and vitality.
Wearing a red dress in a soft silky material that clings to her body, caressing her curves lovingly only to flare somewhat gently around her legs and feet. The corset style back keeps the fitted look, the laces all in black. On her hands are completely frivolous gloves made of matching silky black material.
Around her neck is tied a choker necklace of red ribbon with black edging, a single delicate shard of Obsidian inset in a black setting stitched directly in the center.


Born to an extremely wealthy and unscrupulous merchant father in The Free Cities, Pentos to be exact, Kaelea was always raised as a noble lady, spoiled and outspoken with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes. An enchantress, her mother had called her. A minx, her father had parried. Either way, she was raised getting anything she wanted which isn't conducive to true happiness. She was known to be a little vain with a bad temper and it only worsened as she aged. It saddened him when each time he found a match for his beloved daughter, she would turn the men away by being terribly rude and cold towards them. She had no wish to marry.

Only when he finally came to her with a prospective husband who he was interested in for his own personal gain and offered her a great deal of personal benefit, namely money, did she finally agree. The dowry, a contract, allows the prospective groom (a most immoral man) the means of getting rich while her father got a healthy percentage of the take. Her father was able to use his own connections to secure safety from the patrolling forces so that the prospective groom can freely reave on the coast nearby.. shady things for sure, but all parties were willing to overlook it. Her father was certain it would gain him a watchful eye on his future good son and a bit of loyalty to boot. Her sisters, all married off but one who was too young, leaves Temperamental Kaelea the only viable option for the match. And for now, she is playing along, on her best behavior, seeking the coin she would gain for herself.

RP Hooks

  • Her father is a wealthy merchant and she is the equivalent of a Lady and has always led the life of one.
  • Spoiled, she always gets her way.
  • Warrior, even if only in her own opinion.
  • Unscrupulous father.


  • Hot Temper
  • Impulsive
  • Blunt
  • Graceful
  • Wealth: Well Off

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Husband: You do know I am only in it for the coin right? For the monetary advantages? I hope so.


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