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Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus as Jyn Greengood
Name: Jyn Greengood
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The North
Organization: House Greengood
Occupation: Swornsword
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: Apr 18 97 (24)


Small and lean of build, Jyn is two fingers' breadth short of five and a half feet in height, from short cropped dirty blond hair to bare, dirty feet. His age is difficult to pinpoint, guesses might range anywhere from 20 to 40 years, his narrow green eyes and a short growth of a thin blond beard only confusing the question of his age. Coarse-spun trousers of undyed cloth tie close to his legs just below the knees, while tall leathern boots are bound to his legs by myriad straps and ties, fitting as close as a second skin. A rough jerkin is worn over his torso, often repaired, secured with ties rather than buttons, and a woolen blanket is wrapped around his shoulders, pinned at the throat like a cloak. A short, curved knife is tied to his jerkin at the waist, and an unstrung bowstave is carried in an oiled cloth cover across his back, while a shoulder strap supports a satchel, and a small bundle of arrows.


Jyn Greengood is a Crannogman of the Neck. Though his family is a noble one, such distinctions have but little natural worth to the highly practical folk of his line, tending to bring more headaches than privileges. Beyond having slightly less freedom than his fellows, and slightly more wealth, Jyn grew and lived much as any other might: he hunted, fished, learned the lore and faith of his ancestors and when he was obliged to, did his familys service to Greywater Watch. His people did not spend their lives as soldiers or retainers, but would spend seasons in such roles when the Reeds required it of them. Jyn disliked his seasons at court, having a rather solitary nature, he was happiest when wandering and fishing. His Gods lived in the wild places, and that is where he was most content.

Jyn grew more wary of outsiders even than most of his fellow Crannogmen. As part of his seasons at court, he would occasionally meet Northern lords at the edges of the wetlands to guide their supposed allies through the fens and bogs of the Neck. Outsiders were large, loud and stank of tamed animals and rust; they had no regard for the natural world and destroyed without even being aware of it. The increasing tendency of Lord Harlan Reed to cater to the whims and wants of the Northmen was something that rankled at Jyns sensibilities, a discontent that did not go unnoticed. When Halys Reed and his conspirators prepared the coup that would result in the death of Harlan was launched, Jyn was among those who was sought for aid. However, much as he disliked the Outsiders, spilling the blood of his own kind was eternally the greater evil in his eyes. Jyn refused, and was among those at Greywater Watch caught up in the bloodshed when Halys Reed struck. The scant warning his attempted recruitment had won was not enough to warn Lord Harlan, but it did allow him to locate the young heir, the three year old Bowen Reed and his elder sister Leyla Reed, with whom he fled Greywater Watch.

House Greengood was divided by the coup, Lord Harlan was not popular among their number, and though the methods of Halys were appalling, Jyn could not be sure of the safety of the rightful heir (and Leyla) in the Grengood crannogs. Lacking options, and with the finest hunters and trackers of the Neck seeking the Reeds, Jyn faced a difficult choice: unable to evade the hunters for long (not while supporting a child and Leyla), and unsure of allies within the Neck, he chose the unexpected: fleeing the blessed waters of the Neck entirely, to the south where Lord Cregan Stark was said to have taken residence, in the great, reeking stone edifice of Oldtown.

RP Hooks

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  • Pragmatic
  • Fish Out of Water
  • Crannogman
  • Distrust of Giants

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