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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber as Justyn Mallister
Name: Justyn Mallister
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Mallister
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Mar 26 104 (17)


A slender young man, Justyn stands between five and a half and six feet, but carries himself as though his stature were enormous. Dirty blond hair is long enough to reach his eyebrows, accenting a handsome and fine-featured face. Not yet twenty, he is clean shaven, whether by nature or design. A gemstone stud ornaments each earlobe, while the young man's waifish torso is garbed in a slashed indigo doublet, with threads of silver woven into the rich fabric, adding a shimmer to the cloth. He wears no shirt beneath the doublet, which is only half buttoned up the front. Rings of white gold mark several of his fingers, shining with a variety of stones, while a belt of square silver eagles around his slim waist carries a light broadsword sheathed in indigo velvet and silver. Riding boots of clean white leather reach to the thighs.


Justyn was fortunate from the moment of his birth. The only child to an aging Lord and Lady of House Mallister (making Justyn the only nephew of the Lord of Seagard) after many childless years, the boy was lavished with his every desire from his earliest memory. The regrettable effect of this love and adoration was that even as a boy, Justyn was spoiled terribly and developed a badly inflated view of his own ability and importance. He became convinced that he was always right, because tutors feared to gainsay him. He was sure that he was a brilliant swordsman, because his peers feared to bruise him in sparring. Regrettably, he has never had to work very hard for anything thus far in his young life, being knighted on his 16th birthday. He has not done well in tournaments, but easily laughs off the failures as due to poorly fitting armor, or a badly trained horse, or anything other than his own undeveloped skill. A minor scandal over the virtue of a visiting dignitary's daughter has resulted in Justyn being sent to stay with family in Oldtown, for a change of scenery; being sent with a generous allowance to vacation in the continent's oldest city is the nearest Justyn's father has yet come to punishing him.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Pretty Boy
  • Arrogant

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