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Simon Woods
Simon Woods as Jurian Targaryen
Name: Jurian Targaryen
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Prince
Rank: Prince
Age: Sep 13 94 (27)


Targaryen, he must be. Pale skin, blond hair, violet eyes, a pink mouth…if this man has sisters, they must be lovely. Some would call him handsome, since that white skin is flawless and unmarked with scars, his nose is straight and fine, his light brows well-shaped, his cheekbones high, his clean-shaven jaw well-shaped. His fair hair is cut relatively short, just a little free to spill over his forehead. A peach flush even comes into his face in times of excitement. His build is lean but fit, just the slightest bit taller than average. That body is draped in the finest and richest of cloth, worked with beautiful detailed embroidery in just the right places. This man is like a storybook prince in so many ways.

But there are those, too, who would notice his flaws. That his eyes often seem open just the slightest bit too wide, so that the full ring of the violet irises can be seen. That his right foot turns inward and, even when his full attention is on correcting his gait, the limp is still noticeable. Maybe there is even the slightest of tics in the way he sometimes turns his head a little to the left. But surely it would be cruel for anyone to focus so precisely on the flaws of a nobleman in his prime. And foolish for anyone to be surprised to see them in a Targaryen.


(May contain spoilers, so for those of you who like to learn about characters as you RP, read at your own risk.)

Though born to the finest circumstances, Jurian has not always had things so easy. At least, not the way he sees it. He is technically, at the moment, his father's heir, though there were children before him. Some were bastards, since his father had the same roving eye that Jurian has inherited, and at least two were lost before they breathed. One lived a few years but succumbed to a combination of illness and congenital defect. Then the parents were daughtered, a beautiful girl called Aemilla (although she is kept close to home and it is rumored that she has less than full wit). Finally, a son with a whole body and strong health was sired. Jurian. Though it turned out he was not free of defect, either. His right leg has always turned slightly inward. He was not entirely crippled, though, and physical training throughout childhood and youth have made his bad leg strong enough that he only has a bit of a hitch in his getalong. He can fight, even, though the deformity keeps him from reaching the highest orders of fighters. He also suffered a stutter as a boy, but with the help of a tutor and some 'encouragement' from his father, he eventually righted his speech. Still, overcoming these problems took him away from other children much of the time. He had few companions, besides his half-brother Andyrs, and the gap in their ages meant Jurian very seldom had the company of other boys just his age, until he was into his teens at least.

This is when his father began teaching the boy more about stewardship, diplomacy, etiquette…getting one's way. Jurian studied, dutifully, but he also learned that, with his limp under control and stutter defeated, he had a talent that surpassed all his skills: charm. Jurian used his charm. He experimented with it on every visitor that came to call, just as Andyrs experimented on unfortunate animals that crossed his path. Jurian made friends of some, lovers of others, and indeed enemies as well. He learned that other people saw things as upsetting or wrong that never struck him as particularly…anything. He learned that people have a breaking point with broken promises and cruel actions. He learned the things to say to convince them that he, too, had a sense of right and wrong, that he would only want his desires fulfilled as long as no one else was hurt. He learned how to seem as if his feelings were the same as everyone else's. When, once or twice, he made a terrible mistake, Andyrs helped them disappear. But as his skills grew, he was able to use his charm to political ends to help his house, and his father. His father never asked in detail how certain favorable agreements were reached, how resistances were overcome. That was never important.

Jurian's life was far from perfect, however. His mother had a younger son, just recently come to adulthood, and that son is strong and brilliant on the battlefield. And despite the pains he has taken to be like all the ordinary people, there are times when he misjudges his boundaries and not only burns a bridge, but threatens to set fire to his own property with it. While his father is still in good health, but getting older, it seems like the perfect time to spend some time away from the ancestral home, setting out after his own achievements, and a new crop of wonderful people to meet who do not know his reputation, away from the reach of his younger brother, should he decide that Jurian is superfluous. Jurian cannot wait to make a glittering social success in Oldtown. He has sent dear Andyrs ahead of him to pave the way, so he is sure of a proper welcome.

RP Hooks

  • Parties: Jurian loves to throw parties, and he loves to be invited to them!
  • Shopping: Jurian loves to spend money, so perhaps you might meet him at the market.
  • Politics: Jurian takes an interest in politics (when he can be bothered). Never hurts to have a Targaryen on one's side.
  • Unmarried: Jurian is living the single life. Ladies with an eye out for a prestigious match could do worse.
  • Carousing: Jurian loves having a good time, and he's not above slumming it now and again.


  • Don Juan
  • Lame
  • Broken Moral Compass
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Wealth

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Half-Brother - Andyrs, though not Jurian's full brother or entitled to treatment as such, is near and dear to Jurian's heart.


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Mother -


Sister - The Birdwoman of Dragonstone.


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