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Abbie Cornish
Abbie Cornish as Lady Juniper Meadows
Name: Lady Juniper Meadows
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Meadows
Occupation: Noble
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Nov 24 94 (26)


Lady Juniper Meadows seems to be of ethereal beauty. When she moves, waves of golden hair become visible under her silken veil; her fair complexion is striking and her posture graceful. Nevertheless there is something about her that seems to dilute her comeliness: The youth of her face has made room for a certain unresting mean, her large, cerulean eyes are constantly haunted by subtle, dark shadows.
When she speaks it is often in a certain mild literalness, her smiles are shy and melancholy.

She is dressed in a gown made of elegant, dove grey silks, her bodice is embroidered with flying birds twinded around the occasional seven pointed star


Many rumours are entangled when it comes to Lady Juniper's past and only a rare number of people are able to tell where the truth ends and where some imaginative tongue has added a detail or two. Fact is that her story cannot be told without the story of another lady: Calla Flowers.
Growing up as the only girl of the Grimm offsprings she has had a rather lonely youth at the Shield Islands, spending long hours with longing gazes at every sail that arrived on the horizon. It was a lucky day, when she met young Calla at a market: The girls were coincidentially admiring the same trinkets a sleazy merchant offered at the docks. The moment they met there has been a secret understanding between them, something that stirred both of the girls' hearts under first shared chuckles. Her aunt who accompanied her that day was impressed enough by the bastard's talent of lifting her niece's spirits to make her an official member of her household. Soon the two girls became inseperable and as they grew up both were said to go head to head in grace and beauty, even if the Grimm girl's blood held a precious ounce more of nobility.

Two years later Lady Juniper's betrothal to Ser Anfroy Meadows was announced, a young heir who was rumoured to be a valiant and handsome knight, the match alone reason to rejoice. Nevertheless Juniper was torn between joy and worries until she was assured to be able to take her dear ally with her.

When the Grimm girl finally met her betrothed, she was smitten by his bold smile, gentle laughter and elegant posture ahorse.
So was Ser Anfroy.
His daring eyes did not fall on the girl he was ordered to commit to, every of the bows, jests and flatteries in Juniper's direction flew secretly past her to please another aim: Calla Flowers. Juniper did not take long to notice, her blushed cheeks soon becoming pale with disappointment.

At first her friend was treating the young knight with nothing but scornfulness, partly because his boisterous temperament tempted her to mock him, partly to prove utter loyalty to Juniper. In the end these attempts only seemed to intensify Ser Anfroy's approaches; and finally, slowly they drove a wedge between the two girls.

It was after a feast where Anfroy was insolent enough to ask Calla instead of Lady Juniper for the honour of the first dance. It was at a wine scented evening, when Calla was weak enough to succumb to the public flattery, that the two girls broke with each other.
Later, in the middle of the night the furious Lady Juniper threw out Calla's few belongings out of their chamber window, proclaiming she would ban her from her company to send her as far away as possible. Calla, crying and desperate, disappeared into the night - only to emerge at dawn as Ser Anfroy's newly married wife, as not one, but two fearful septons admitted under stutters and nervous swallowing.

Ser Anfroy's father despised the girl but could not annul his son's caprices once they were officially announced. The Grimmss didn't leave Grassy Vale immediately, much to young Lady Juniper's distress. In fact they managed to agree upon a few political commitments, a few carts of goods travelling back and forth to profitable conditions and finally, for the sake of diplomacy, agreed upon marrying Lady Juniper to Ser Anfroy's younger brother, the mild and merry Ser Blaive.

Lady Juniper was filled with hatred and nourished the emotion with every heartbeat she spend at the same keep with her former friend. Thrice she was said to attempt to poison her rival, once the two girls were found trying to strangle each other. Their hatred of each other was soon known all over the Reach and many coins were bet for one or the other either to die, or to join a motherhouse. Both remained healthy and thriving, much to the distress of the other. Later both were giving birth to their husbands first-born sons in the very same fortnight, even if some malicious tongues were claiming Ser Anfroy may have been responsible for both of the babes.

Years passed and the stories about their despise became nothing but amusing anecdotes until Ser Anfroy returned shattered, hanging over Ser Blaive's shoulders more dead than alive, from a tourney. The maester was fearing for his life for days. Days became weeks, weeks became moons and the scent in Ser Anfroy's chamber worse and worse.

One night there was an unusual perturbance at his sickbed at the hour of the wolf guards were summoned to his chambers by the scream of a child. They did not find one, but two the sons of Juniper and Calla, both eight years of age along with their mothers. Juniper's son was bleeding out of a wound on his shoulder, Ser Anfroy hallucinating. What exactly had happened a moment ago nobody was able to say. Both women accused each other of superstition, being willed to feed her son (or/and the son of her rival) to Ser Anfroy, to save his life, for both were said to remain deeply in love with him. Both women swore solemny that they only rushed by because of the noise and tried to stop the other one. Both boys remained utterly traumatized and suspiciously quiet.
In the end both boys were send as pages to serve in different Houses, where they should be protected from their mothers. While Lady Calla remained at Grassy Vale, Lady Juniper was send off to Oldtown, to take care of some diplomatic business. There is no doubt the business will last at least as long as it takes for Ser Anfroy's health to be restored.

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  • Insecure
  • Wealth:Comfortable
  • Bitter Enemy
  • Ill Repute
  • Lost Love
  • Famous Beauty

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