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Seth Green
Seth Green as Julien Ashford
Name: Julien Ashford
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Reach
Organization: Ashford
Occupation: Heir
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Dec 11 91 (30)


The first thing most notice about this man is he is a bit on the short side, closer to the average height for a woman then a man. He has the pale skin of one who doesn't get outdoors often, busy and wavy red hair that borders on orange. He has some scruff, but it is neatly maintained scruff showing it is more of a choice then a lack of motivation or time. He has dark blue eyes and an easy smile.
His attire leans towards the simple over the extravagant, but is very clearly the garb of a nobleman based on the materials used. Black trousers of soft cloth, a pair of knee-high black boots of soft leather, a scarlet tunic with silver accents. Over this is a hooded cloak of black and a crimson lining. Sewn onto the left side of his cloak near the chest is an embroidered badge depicting the orange shield with the white sun-and-chevron of House Ashford. When the cloak is removed a pendant depicting the same sigil hangs from a heavy silver chain indicating this man's allegiance. Finally he wears a silver ring on the first finger of his left hand which bears the sigil of House Ashford, the ring is designed in such a way it can easily be used to seal documents as well.


Firstborn son of Lord Louis Ashford and his wife Paulette Ashford nee Shermer. Julien Ashford was born in the year 91 on the eleventh of December. Julien seems to have been born to be the heir. Not only is he the first-born son, he also has a natural presence about him that many find compelling. So much so that often times he barely even has to ask another to do something and they will be willing to do so, especially among the lower classes.
Having a natural charm about him he tends to put many at ease when he speaks with them, he is also quite alert and has a keen mind as well making him well suited to being an administrator. Though he never trained in the fighting arts Julien is in pretty good shape due to being an avid swimmer, picking up the hobby at a young age, where it wasn't long before he would regularly swim in the Cockleswent river.

For Julien family has always held a high importance in his life, and he's always felt it his duty to protect his younger siblings and his various relations in general as being the eldest and the heir. Julien has dabbled in engineering, and turns out has a great love for it. To this day he will often come up with ideas for new castle designs, interior layouts from various structures, and the like. While he lacks skill in drawing or making models he tends to be able to describe his ideas well enough for sketches or models to be produced in cases where he has an idea that proves especially promising.
To this day he travels with the models and sketches of the designs he has come up with, he even has a scale model of his family's own castle which was a gift from his father when the boy first showed a serious interest in engineering.

At the age of eighteen Julien's father was able to arrange a marriage for his son to Bethani, a promising woman who was sixteen at the time, of House Sunglass. The couple seemed happy enough and Julien seemed overjoyed by the match. They were together for only two years resulting in the birth of Julien's eldest, a daughter. Unfortunately the marriage was soon ended under mysterious circumstances which Julien refuses to discuss in the company of others. Julien would marry again in his twenty-fifth year, this time his wife was only eighteen. His second wife Madalyn was from House Hightower. This time the couple were a much better match emotionally, and remain married to this day and have two children of their own. Julien's second oldest, his wife's eldest, is a son named Delrick who is likely to become heir when Julien becomes the Head of House Ashford. The youngest is another son named Pascal.
Julien's daughter Marcella was born in the year 109 and is currently thirteen. Julien's eldest son was born in the year 117 and is currently five, his youngest was born in the year 121 and will be one year old very soon. Louis Ashford decided to send his eldest son to Oldtown to further the man's education and help him to become further suited to the role of Head of House Ashford. So it was in the year 118 Julien, his wife, and their two children set off for Oldtown where they were able to secure a modest manse for themselves. It was also during the same year Julien purchased the Good Queen's Cake House from the previous owners.

RP Hooks

  • Ashford - Julien is the heir to House Ashford.
  • Sunglass - Julien's first wife was from House Sunglass, the outcome of which isn't discussed much by Julien, but it ended in a scandal. He holds nothing against the House however.
  • Hightower - Julien's second and current wife is a cousin of House Hightower.
  • Charming presence - Julien has something about him that many find compelling.
  • Swimmer - Julien loves to swim and will use what chances he can to do so.
  • Oldtown - Julien, his wife, and children have lived in Oldtown since the year 118.
  • Social - Julien is personable and always willing to entertain guests or be a guest of others.
  • Hobbies - While he may not be overly skilled, Julien does enjoy riding, engineering, and dancing. Though he typically only dances with his wife or sisters at social functions.


  • Good Queen's Cake House - When the previous owners of the Good Queen's Cake House retired in the year 118, Julien purchased the property shortly after arriving in Oldtown. Julien hasn't changed how the Cake House is ran, but he has continued to maintain its reputation of being a refined establishment for the social elite. He can sometimes be found there with or without other members of his family either checking in, doing work of his own, or simply socializing.


  • Avid Swimmer - He loves to swim
  • Compelling - There is just something about him most are drawn to
  • Family Oriented - Julien is very much a family-first kind of man
  • Heir - Julien is heir to House Ashford
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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Louis Ashford
Father - The head of the House Ashford. My father, I respect him greatly and will do all in my power to ensure the legacy of our family is a good one.


Paulette Shermer
Mother - My mother, one of the kindest and most gracious women I've ever known. I don't understand her feelings towards Alyssandra, but I'm sure she has her reasons.


Edmund Ashford
Younger brother - My herbalist brother, still he has skill and I have my own vices I can hardly blame him for his.


Curtis Ashford
Youngest brother - You have the potential to go far little brother, a shame about your arm but I'm sure you will find your place in time, and a life you can be happy living.


Millicent Ashford
Younger sister - Atypical of a Lady for sure, but she is my sister and I still love her.


Youngest sister - My baby sister, she has suffered so much and has such a negative view of her future. I hope she can be proven wrong as she deserves happiness.


Septa Bethani Sunglass
Former wife - Do not speak of her to me again. She does not exist.


Marcella Ashford
Daughter - You have grown so much, it seems like only yesterday I held you in my arms for the first time. Now you are nearly a woman grown. You have learned much from your mother and you will be a Lady who will make the House proud I'm certain.


Madalyn Ashford nee Hightower
Wife - It took longer to find the perfect wife and mother, not to mention noblewoman a man could hope for. I have been blessed and she is the mother of *all* my children. There is nothing to complain about with such a fine woman.


Delrick Ashford
Eldest son - Why do my children keep growing so quickly on me? Already looking to play soldier or knight, well the family could use some knights. Just be careful with that toy your aunt brought you.


Pascal Ashford
Youngest son - The newest addition to the family and nearly a year old. A constant pleasure to spend time with, keep this up and you might cause your mother and I to ensure you are no longer the youngest.


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