Character Details
Sebastian Monroe
Sebastian Monroe as Joss Flowers
Name: Joss Flowers
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Guard
Rank: Bastard
Age: Sep 27 99 (21)


This man radiates a calm intensity into the air around him, giving off a calculating and watchful feel that disarms some and intrigues others. Hair that would be black were it not lightened just slightly from exposure to the elements and sun kissed skin hint strongly towards a mixed heritage, a bit of Dornish showing in his features. His build would be athletic if not for being a little too slender, instead he's lent a lean and willowy look between his height and body. His form is well sculpted, sleek and toned muscle from head to toe, hints of it playing below that sun touched flesh when he moves. His whipcord build is stretched into a frame that stands just shy of six feet. Every movement he makes is fluid and smooth, a predator's grace showing in the way he moves.
Short brown hair only slightly lighter than a raven's wing, crowns his head, often tousled and in disarray, but it's thick and lustrous, and cleanly cut despite his lack of care for it. The tips of his hair brush along his brows, hiding his forhead more often than not, and leaving his smooth aristocratic features open. Strong sleek elements form his face, high cheekbones and a sharp but gently inward curved jaw line continue the noble appearance of his features. Soulful deep brown eyes, so dark they almost blend with his pupils stare out at a harsh world with compassion and attentiveness. Full lips finish out the man's face, lending him a slightly prettier caste than he would otherwise posess with just his sharper features alone.
His shoulders are a hair broad for his frame, giving him a longer reach and requiring a bit of custom tailoring in his clothes. His upper body is often clothed in a well made loose brown tunic. The neckline is usually left only half tied, exposing his collarbone though nothing more than that. It cinches at the wrists with a short cuff, and tucks down into the waistband of the leather leggings he can often be seen wearing. Over the tunic is a well tailored green vest, with golden roses embroidered around the raised collar, and along the hem at his waist. It is most times buttoned around his torso while leaving his arms free to move, emphasizing the man's narrow waste and flat stomach.
A thick and sturdy leather belt, well tooled and decorated wraps around the man's hips, with several loops around it, those often filled with a sheathed sword and a couple of sheathed knives, there's even a spot designed to clip a waist quiver to, though in the city it is often empty of said quiver. His legs are hugged close by a pair of custom tailored soft brown leather pants. They give in the right places to allow him to move freely, but hug close to his form to avoid snagging on anything he might run past. The leather trousers dissapear into the high over the calf boots he's wearing. These too are made of a thick leather, sturdy but still comfortable and well broken in, showing signs of wear around the ankles and scuffs at the toes and heels.


Joss is the bastard born child of Gaffrey Tyrell, third cousin to the head of House Tyrell. Born between wives to an aging lord who was losing hope of having a legitimate heir, Joss was quickly acknowledged, and even began a proper education before his father married again and had another son. His education continued enough that he would not embarass his father, but the focus shifted away from lordly duties, and more to things militant, where he could better serve House Tyrell.
During his childhood he squired for a couple of knights in the Tyrell household and spent a fair amount of time around the true nobility in his family, learning and observing. But once he was old enough more time was spent with the soldiers and the guards. With no knighthood yet, and no rank or status to look forwards to without one, he's focused more on what he can do to better serve his family. And that is what has kept him in The Reach, helping to guard the true nobility of the family, and perhaps prove himself worthy of a greater station in life through doing so. When he's not guarding he's often out hunting, or in the town causing trouble of one sort or another.

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  • Wealth: Hard Times
  • Bastard Born
  • Night Owl
  • Dutiful
  • Attractive
  • Stubborn

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