Amanda Hale
Amanda Hale as Josanne Tyrell
Name: Josanne Tyrell
Aliases: Jo, Anne
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Lady
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Dec 7 80 (41)


The delicate pale cream of her the lady's features contrast with the leonine dark length of her hair. Dark brows are a bold statement and convey most of the emotions that remain indiscernable. Rosebud lips are trimmed with faint smile lines and the light dusting of crows feet at her hazel eyes betray her age. She is not a young flower any longer but one of wisdom and many seasons. Her elegant square jaw and high cheekbones are coupled with a slender neck that leads into a narrow set of shoulders. She is a woman of gentle curves and quiet ways, the depth of her gaze carried with ease.

She wears a dress of umber and golden thread. The flowers of Tyrell are embroidered upon her her shoulders and a matching choker with its beadwork spills along her collarbone. An underdress of deeper green sets off the golden tones of the over dress and are paired with a pair of same colored slippers. The dress is meant to be airy and light to accomodate the pleasant seasons of Highgarden.



Born the eldest sister to the current Hand of the King, Josanne Hightower was gifted the name of her forefathers and all that came with it. Wealthy, entitlement, petty bickering and politics. But being born a girl and later on in the list of siblings - say near the middle, Josanne had the prospects of a good match and alliance for her family. As any young lady she was taught the finer details of caring for ones Household and taking those burdens off one's future husband. But with brothers, she was given the chance to explore other options and it was through them she became a rather accomplished rider and enough knowledge to be able to draw a bow. It may have been just these unknown influence that would cause a somewhat sordid hiccup in her life that would be covered with years of deception and lies.

Josanne was to wed the second born of House Tyrell years before it would come to pass and it was for this she was groomed. There was never begrudged her fate but rather accepted it stoicly as she tended to with all else. S

There was no love lost between the two and after Laurent was born other children were to follow. The two had a functioning political marriage but nothing more. Josanne looked after her children but focused mostly on the running of the Household. There may have been arguments and once or twice Josanne bore some rememberence of those times on her person but no one spoke of it, leastways her. The companionship of her husband was lost at the hand of Maelys Targaryen and silently she would thank him and yet not for he made her a widow far before her time. The quiet place as a widow suited Josanne and still does.

RP Hooks

  • Part of the Hightower Family
  • Married into Tyrell
  • Widow


  • Widow
  • Claustraphobic
  • Insomniac
  • Silent Counsel

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