The Castellan
Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender as Jonel Costayne
Name: Jonel Costayne
Aliases: He's had several
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Costayne
Occupation: Castellan
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: Feb 1 89 (32)


The man before you stands at about six feet even. An unruly mop of dark brown hair, that shows flecks of grey is left mainly to it's own devices. His face is devoid of a beard-though stubble clings to his face. One would easily notice his slightly crooked nose, and the small scar on his lip, which gives his face a rather crooked countenance. His face is complete with dull blue eyes.

Jonel is dressed finely, if not simply for a man of his station. A grey tunic is worn over sable trousers which themselves are tucked down into long black boots. Over this a longsleeved surcoat of black is worn, clasped at the front by inlaid silver buckles. The collar is a bit wide for comfort, and would give the apperance of his outer wear being a maester's robe, save for it's sleek fit and lines. A black tooled belt is worn at his hips. In some instances a sword belt is worn with it. A silver Cup inlaid with a rose pin, is secured over the breast, and a signet ring is worn on his right hand, while an unassuming loop of silver holds court on the left. Finally dangling from his neck is a thick chain of office.


Jonel Costayne is the brother of the current Lord of the House, Owen. He was squired under Lord Eldan Oakheart, in order to learn the fighting prowess of a house envied, according to their father who was more administrator, than Brilliant campaigner. Once he had won his spurs he went to serve under Luthor Redwyne's father in the Reach's more than capable Navy, working his way up from a young knight to a Captain of his own galley., with accolades to boast. Though this merely in defense of the straights, and shield islands against Ironborn raiders, it never the less gave him a keen eye for a fight, and bloodied his blade. His father then entrusted to him a small trading fleet, in which he would protect. Two cogs, and his galley were enough and a rather boon of a reward for his experience. As it was, Jonel proved apt at business and seeing to agreements with Dorne over silks, and traveling to Braavos for other things. It was in Braavos, that Jonel disappointed his father, by taking on a Baraavosi wife. Though from a fine Merchant's family, it negated his value as a piece-and with them came a new religion-though it's mainly kept quiet and to themselves.

As his experience picked up, Jonel was giving more responsibility concerning trade and diplomatic ties. Not just with their contacts in Dorne, and Braavos, but to other Houses within the Reach. At one gathering, Lord Jonel managed to meet and impress Lord Otto Hightower, who quickly sought to bring him in under his wing, estatic-his father allowed it, and Jonel was sent to the Hightower. He served first, as an advisor and aide to the ancient Castellan-Olvander Cuy. Once the Cuy had passed on due to infirmity and old age, Jonel was promptly put in his place as Castellan.

However with Lord Ormund ill, and his brother consumed with the City Watch, Jonel has found more responsibility, than he could have anticipated.

RP Hooks

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  • Cunning
  • Seasoned Commander
  • Fond of Stories
  • Wealth:Comfortable
  • Follower of The Lord of Light
  • Foreign Wife



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