Character Details
Jessica De Gouw
Jessica De Gouw as Johanna Oakheart
Name: Johanna Oakheart
Aliases: Jo
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Aug 12 98 (22)


A mess of dark curls are just barely contained in a braid that is then twisted up and pinned in place, though try as she might, it's never quite as tidy as intended. Johanna stands at a perfectly average height, with a figure that is padded enough to tell of a comfortable life, and the pale complexion of a woman who spends most of her time indoors. Her features are strong, with a squared jaw and wide mouth, though these features are softened by her full lips and wide blue eyes.


RP Hooks

<These are some things that can give others cause to know about me or RP with me.>


  • Dutiful
  • Careful Diplomat
  • Focused
  • Grudge Holder
  • Green Thumb

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