Character Details
Rachel Hurd-Wood
Rachel Hurd-Wood as Jeyne Tarly
Name: Jeyne Tarly
Aliases: Jey
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tarly
Occupation: Noble Lady
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Feb 8 101 (20)


Hair is left in long and wavy rivulets, reaching almost to the small of her back and swinging in a fragrant wave when she turns her head either direction. The color is vibrant red, framing a flawless porcelain complexion.
Her eyes are possibly considered aquamarine, reflecting the color of the sky on a warm summer morning. Lined with a light layer of kohl, she has almost a sultry look. Her nose is straight, full lips just glossed with light pink.
Her body is soft, feminine, curvy, standing about 5'4" when she is barefoot.
Shes often in elegant long dresses that range from style based on the occasion or the weather. Generally, a fitted gown encrusted with gems, other times with wide skirts. When she travels, a cloak of her house will adorn her shoulders. Should she be out in the field practicing, she is more akin to wear fitted leathers.


RP Hooks

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  • Widow
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Sassy
  • Capricious
  • Agnostic

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Guard: Just recently hired him to be my guard. He is a fighter and his form is very telling of his abilities. I look forward to getting to know him while he works for me.


Husband - What charm does one possess to capture an interest so quickly? A tour of Oldtown, a visit to a Ravenry, a walk through a garden, watching a deer drink at a pool. It all sounds so singularly mundane, but added together with the pleasant company of a tall nobleman and it becomes more.. or was it? Almost magical. I stopped believing in magic many years ago… does it still exist after all?… Married now, for better or for worse. I hope to be the wife that he has ever dreamed he would one day hope to have. I wish only to please him, to have him smile at me with that look in his eyes.. Yes, that would be perfect.


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