Character Details
Jenessa Grant
Jenessa Grant as Jessamine Tarly
Name: Jessamine Tarly
Aliases: Jesi
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tarly
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Feb 17 103 (18)


A blonde with ivory skin, an easy smile and plush lips, this young woman's locks are long and her bright green eyes shine with clever mirth. Her nose is regal but dainty, and her face has a feminine strength to it. Slender and with a confident bearing, she is wrapped in a lovely dress of gold and sheer honey lace. From her ears dangle beautiful amber jewels in gold settings, and the nearly floral patter that creeps down the sheer sleeves of her dress follows over snug, reinforced middle of the elegant form and down into the flowing bell of the gown which covers her long legs to the ankles where small golden silk slippers complete her wardrobe.


17th of February - such a prescious day, when Margaret and Alan Tarly, finally, saw their diamond! The midwife can swear, that the little Jessamine didn't cry, when she saw the world first time. She smiled! This smile is the best attendant for the girl in each step she makes. Even the most horrible events can't cloud her bright features. Jessamine always repeats the same for herself: "Even this will pass", and she is not afraid to say that for others, who are in the need of the tight hug at the hard moments. Of course, she gives the hug too, and it doesn't matter if person is beggar, barmaid, knight, lord, thief, or just a baby. Everyone are equal for this young optimist.

Her parents even thought, that there is clearly something wrong with her or the Gods were, actually, very generous, making her such… a good daughter and you can't say anything else. Her father had a friend Mark Bulwer. Well, they were friends in the childhood or teenage years. Likely, met somewhere and somehow. Though, this friendship was interrupted by work later. After all, they both had to take care of the seats of their families. However, it looks like, that two men kept conctacts, at least with letters. They both bragged for each other, when sons were born. It was 31-28 years ago. And, of course, Alan bragged about his precious diamond on that seventeenth day of February eighteen years ago. It happened, that when the girl was 8 years old, she became betrothed to that son of Mark, called Victor, who should be about 28 years old now. She never saw him, but she have never cried or complained about it for her father, like other ladies are used to do. Maybe she just didn't had time to fall in love with someone else, even if many men fell in love with her charming beauty and charisma.

The girl had her stallion, bow, arrows, dog and freedom. That is all, what she needed! Of course, she also loved dancing, but outside activity was her preference, especially, when her 31 years old brother-the heir Jason was the person of the nature! So, they both barely left their saddles, ridding, hunting, tracking, shooting, and just enjoying their lifes until the day came, when the girl had to leave home. She was quite excited, because letters were not enough to know her betrothed, but her brother was really displeased, that she is leaving home. After all, he feels her guardian, her only one true friend, he believes that they can't be separated. Though, they are. The girl took her things, most important - her stallion, bow, arrows, and the dog, and left. It is just a question of time, when her brother will come to the Oldtown too, but for now she is eager to face her new adventure. That is how she calls it.

The girl had and other siblings, but never met them or just barely saw them.

RP Hooks

  • Archery - She loves archery! We definitely can meet on the training field.
  • Riding and hunting - The girl is crazy about horses and hunting. We definitely can meet in the woods.
  • Looking for husband - She is looking someone, who could be more valuable for her father than Victor, or at least would be valuable the same way.


  • Wealth: Rich - Her family has a lot money to fulfill the dreams of each family member.
  • Optimist - "Even this will pass." Jessamine repeats for herself and everyone. After all, all the dark days are carried to people justthat they could see the light better. If we wouldn't have the darkness, we wouldn't recognize the brightness. So, all the time, when you want to cry, just think, that it is a challenge, not punishment and if you will cry - you will lose.
  • Hyperactive - Oh, oh, oh! We should go for a ride! And I need to take my arrows! Maybe our ride will tunr into hunting! Oh! Even better! We could raise till the first lake or river and then we could swim! Later, we could go the Inn and danc edance dance! And then, when sun will go down, we could play hide and seek! Even more later… What? Sleep? Do I have to… It's boring to sleep! I could do soo many things, while everyone are sleeping!
  • Charitable - She never tosses away her dressers or the jewellry she is tired off. She gives that for those, who will wear it for a few more decades. Moreover, she has enough coins to share with those, who are hungry or thirsty. And she loves visiting children in orphans' or children home. She loves playing with children! And in general, she will always help for those, who are in the need of help. Sometimes, she even might overstep the line of intelligence, risking her own life in order to help a stranger or giving away too much.
  • Pure aura - It happens to be, that Jessamine radiates some kind of strangely good aura. She looks so pure, naive, innocent and kind, good, like a little angel and this way everyone esle around her feels safe, calm, they want to trust her and are not afraid to bare their souls. This way, the girl experiences everyone elses feelings very deeply, and others around her usually just can't lie. Even if they try at first, later they tell the truth. It is just that thing, which radiates from the girl. You want to trust her, like she would be a priestess or something.

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Lord Alan Tarly

Lord Alan Tarly
Father - Jessamine loves her father. After all, she always thought being the most favorite daughter for the man! And she is the only one daughter.

Lady Margaret Tarly

Lady Margaret Tarly
Mother - Jessamine loves her mother. After all, she always thought being the most favorite daughter for the woman! And she is the only one daughter.


The heir of the main Tarly line and brother - Jessamine adores her older brother. They spent a lot of time together, likely, because her brother feels really protective about his youngest sister and doesn't want to let her out of sight.


Brother - He is the long lost brother without whom Jessamine couldn't survive in the Oldtown. She is very happy to have him around.


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