Lady Jennifer Mallister


Catching first sight of the pale haired woman before you, the phrase striking femininity may come to mind, as her light crystal bluish-gray eyes look out at the world, from a regal, yet soft featured face.. those eyes, so captivating, yet perhaps only equaled to that smile of hers… soft serene and welcoming lips, that even when slightly curled, exhibit a warmth, that radiates from her being. There is a little mixture of wild to this young female, Her skin is a nice pale cream color, which pairs well with her light golden hair. The bright golden locks are kept neatly up in an elaborate style of long braided locks and woven around and back to be held in place by a few clips. Little strays of hair caress her face, soft, with that hint of baby fat that still lingers in the cheeks, but it softens the otherwise angular features. The look gives her a distinct vision of beautiful mixed with a breath-catching freedom of spirit mingled together. Her outfit lends to this look an off-white dress shirt that is buttoned near to the top, only hinting at her lovely bosom. She wears a deep blue corset that hugs her middle and rests over a long flowing dress which billows out over her ankles. She wears a set of riding boots on her feet.


Life is strange when you are the only daughter to a sea captian, you grow up knowing some things certian woman do not ever learn. Like how to stich up your father and his shipmates after a run in with the pirates. Life was hard for the first years, her father was hardly ever around and so she was raised mostly by her mother.

Jennifer learned healing and Botany from her mother, everything there was to plants and growing them to using them in healing to medicine making and poisons she learned well from her mom who took her out to study the land and help create salves to combat some of the poisons seen in the knights and sometimes even commonfolk.

She learned how to make some perfumes as well but what Jennifer really loved above all was brewing, and she was encouraged to learn for it would bring good trade for her father.

When her mother died it was a very big shock on the girl who knew pretty much little else, she was taken for a little while on her fathers ship where she learned to cook and brew for the shipmates. She did that for a few years until she had to return to her home and take care of her brother.

Jennifer stayed within The Riverlands for a while helping her brother out and selling brews to the local tavern, until her father sent her word that she was to own her own place and prepared for her to come meet him here.

So What is brewing all abut? is about 80% cleaning, so some say were glorified servants. I dont like that term, but you have to be exceptionally clean in the brewing industry, so youre always cleaning something. What does your work entail? Typically, nine to five. Brew days are always longer. Brew days here tend to be about ten hours. Beer takes two to six weeks to age depending on the style so, planning for the future and keeping up with production is one of the most challenging aspects. One of the beautiful things about brewing; Its as complicated as you want it to be or its as simple as you want it to be. I love the sights and smells of making the beer. If I dont want to deal with the public I could close the door and turn the tunes up, enjoy music all day as Im working. Or I can go out and visit with the customers and ask them what they like or dont like about the beer. And, of course, I have a passion for beer and I love good quality handcrafted beer, so thats the main part. And then getting free beer and food in the process is a nice perk.

Character Details
Sofia Myles
Sofia Myles as Jennifer Mallister
Name: Jennifer Mallister
Aliases: Jen
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Mallister
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Brewery Owner
Age: 22

Stats of Note
Alertness: Vet
Healing: Vet
Brewing: Vet
Botany: Pro
Cooking: Pro
Herbology: Pro
Gardening: Pro
Poisons: Pro - Only select folks know about it.
Perfumery: Nov - New skill forming


  • Favored of Nobles
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Frail

IC Events

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Bastion Stark
**Friendly nobleman who offered her a tour.

Steffon Mallister
**Father, I do not know you well but we start anew.

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