The Fair
Georgia Moffett
Georgia Moffett as Jennelyn Targaryen
Name: Jennelyn Targaryen
Aliases: Jennelyn the fair
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Princess
Rank: Princess
Age: 12


Jennelyn is gifted with hair as yellow as honey, always neatly pulled back and done in various updo's that show off her cream coloured face to it's best advantage. Her eyes are two round orbs that are colored a very light blue and give her face a very innocent look. The rest of her face consists of a pair of round ears, a small but elegant nose as well as a pair of soft and plump lips. Her body is lithe and rather curvaceous for her age and clearly begeinning to blossom in the way women her age do, with a pair of small, rounded breasts and small hips.

As for her dress she is always dressed in the latest of courtly finery as one would expect a princess to dress. Expensive gowns, diamonds, and gossamer pearl acessories and never seems to wear the same dress twice.


Jennelyn Targaryen seems to have it all beauty, wealth, and power. Born into House Targaryen to Jaehaerys And Larra she quickly proved to be an unusual child even for a Targaryen. She never seemed to cry or make a sound, to a point it was worrisome at first to her family. She was overall a well tempered little baby, crying as all babies do before they speak but overall a very quiet child. As she began to develop she continued to be very different than the average young lady at her age. She learned to speak and walk at an early age, and almost immediately began to read. From this moment on her parents began to realize their child was not just early by coincidence, in true Targaryen fashion her genius and quirkiness began to show.

From the moment she was fully in control of her motor and mental functions she was taught in the finer arts, of how to be a lady. She instantly tried to form herself to the mold expected of her, and succeeded though at the cost of losing everything that made her, who she really was. But she was determined to make her parents proud, no matter the cost, and once the sacrifice was made, she became unstoppable. Her advancements in decorum and accomplishments garnered her praise from her entire family and all those she came across. She was modest, soft spoken, graceful, and in every sense of the word accomplished. When she was addressed at the dinner table she spoke with intelligence, when she danced it was with grace and she always sparkled with wit as she spoke with her partner. On the outside Jennelyn Targaryen was the image of absolute perfection for a young woman and something all those below her should strive to someday achieve.

But of course, one can never come anywhere close to perfection without a great loss. For Jennelyn this loss seemed to be her entire personality and soul. Of course to look or speak with her one could never tell, her outward perfection masked the scars that many in polite society received when striving to be their best. But anyone who cared to look deeper, to actually look at the girl beneath the mask rather than the perfect princess would be able to see that Jennelyn Targaryen is a broken and sickly girl who has sacrificed everything to please her parents and society, in a way that is likely irreversible, and yet, she still laughs and smiles, and to society, she is everything to be desired in a young lady, and so the girls masquerade continues.

Now that she has just recently flowered and is officially an adult now, she is being sent away to live with family in the Dragon Door Manse and prepare to be married off and fulfill the greatest duty a women has in life, and so her masquerade continues……


Extemly accomplished: Jennelyn is the absolute image of what all young noble ladies should strive to be. She speaks her languages fluently, dances with grace and poise, has impeccable manners, and is talented in needlework, drawing, painting, singing, and playing the piano.

Striking Beauty: Jennelyn is a natural beauty both from birth and the effort that she privately puts into maintaining such appearances and thus has garnered many complements and admiration in the past for her looks.

Wealth: Opulent

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