Jebediah died of the bloody flux.

The Boy Who Dares.
Wil Wheaton
Wil Wheaton as Jebediah
Name: Jebediah
Aliases: Jeb, Nimble, Short and Sweet.
Faction: Freefolk
Organization: - -
Occupation: Messenger
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Jan 15 106 (15)


Jebediah is seemingly young, being slightly tall with a muscular build found around his bicep and pectoral region. His face is smooth and a hair wouldn't exist upon it - having a pair of delicate brown eyes, aswell as having a head of short brown hair parted to the left, his age varying around thirteen or fourteen it seems. He is quite aware of his surroundings, observant, he is very timid/shy and doesn't speak much giving a eerie feeling to his presence, but appears to be quite friendly - smiling always with his white and for the most part straight teeth.

Jeb sports a simple black tunic, aswell as black cotton trousers with a belt around his hips, a woven scabbard composed of straw, wheat, and corn-husks is firmly secured on his right hip, a leather sheath sits upon the opposite side of his belt. He has a leather rucksack over his shoulder, which holds letters, papers, and some embarrassing concealed drawings of naked women he drew.

A kriss style sword sits in the organic scabbard, being 46 inches in length, the pommel being composed of iron and a vertical grip, with no hilt, inside the sheath on his left side is a fixed-blade stiletto-style nine inch knife, the grip composed of thick dogwood, both blades sharpened.

Jebediah has a large scar coming from the bottom of his right-ear moving straight down towards his neck/shoulder.


Jebediah was born in Gulltown, January 15th 106. He didn't know who his real father and mother was as he was abandoned shortly after birth, and he would have surely died if not for the nearby sailors sept who took him in. They raised him for his early years, teaching him to walk, talk and the sort. From an early age of six he had gotten interested in sailing the seas and venturing the world. He didn't care much for the religious walk of life, despite being raised in the sailors sept. Jeb wanted to have a exciting live, filled with adventures and richs. He wanted to be a hero. One of Jebediahs greater traits was he was able to tell North and South as well as his left hand from his right hand, even if he was completely lost at sea. Jebediah was also light on his feet, he could easily sneak around people in the city and sept, which was useful when sneaking into the brothels to spy on what some of the sailors did when they came in from the docks.

One day when Jebediah was eleven, a ship came into the docks, it didn't necessarily look different than any of the other ships that came into the docks each day, but it simply /seemed/ different. There was something off about it, something.. Intriguing. Jebediah thought to himself this is his chance! He'll begin his life of adventure and treasures now and quickly set off, sneaking aboard the ship. When he came aboard the ship and delved inside, swiftly and silently sneaking past the sailors aboard, as he delved deeper and deeper, he found a horrible truth, that is men and women gagged and chained to the walls. This was a human trafficing ship, it made sense. The men aboard, the sailors all looked foreign, Ibbeneese. Shocked, Jeb froze before being struck in the back of the head, knocked out… He awoke to find himself out at sea, surrounded by human traffickers. The men would taunt and make fun of him, laughing at how they'd most likely get a fair amount of coin for him.

As he listened to the men, terrified and angry, and something over from the side of the ship would catch his eyes, but not before one of the men would yell, "Incoming!", a ship would slam into the side of their own, and men looking somewhat like pirates would board the ship, fighting and killing the Ibbenese Smugglers, among the group of suspected pirates is the massive Gromm, he'd grab hold of Jebediah and haul him over to the ship Kalypso's Sword, along with the other slaves. This is it, he didn't make a mistake, this was his break, he thought to himself as he was handed some knives. For three years he'd be a part of Kalypso's Sword, guiding the ship as they pillaged pirates, hunting them down and recruiting slaves before retiring, selling the ship and sticking around Gromm.

He has since left Gromm's care, and is seeking to become a Septon - having guidance from the High Septon.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Internal Compass
  • Charismatic
  • Shy/Timid
  • Patient
  • Caring/Loving
  • Highly Religious

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A woman whom I had the pleasure of meeting.. I think she has one of my dirty pictures.


Almost like a father to me, I only wish he'd correct his vile ways of plundering.


I've met her once, hopefully twice on better terms..


A darling girl, poor - but with rich spirits.


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