Lord of Crows
Michael Mando
Michael Mando as Jasyne Morrigen
Name: Jasyne Morrigen
Aliases: Kin-Killer, Tyrant's Bane, Lord of Crows, Jass
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Morrigen
Occupation: Head of House
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Feb 23 95 (25)


Standing at six feet and three inches with a large scar spanning from his left brow almost to the back of his head is Jasyne. He has a bronzed complexion, suggesting he is often out and about within the sun. He has a muscular build and hazel eyes that turn a pleasant shade of green near the center. He has short black hair that's brought up unto a small mohawk, and a half-goatee. He has a few scars along his chest, back and arms as well.


Born in Crows Nest, Jasyne is the son of Osyne and Millia Morrigen nee Coldwater and younger brother of Gavyn Morrigen, older brother to young Edmund Morrigen. Much like his siblings he had a sinister look to him, though unlike his siblings exempt Edmund and his mother Millia, he was considerably kinder. Gavyn influenced young Jasyne to get involved in combat, suggesting to their father he be given a tutor to teach him the way of the sword. His father, Osyne backed his request and hired the most excellent man to teach Jasyne how to utilize a sword he could. Jasyne was taught from the age of five how to effectively hold, lift, swing, and kill with a sword. When he reached the age of thirteen he had already began surpassing the abilities of his older brother, which began birthing jealousy between the two. And when he dawned adulthood at the age of sixteen, there was simply no more his tutor could teach him, he was swift, he was strong, as well as attractive. But, despite this training, he did not become a knight. It was never his goal to begin with, he was lord Jasyne Morrigen, not 'Ser' Jasyne Morrigen. However, he continued to train on his own once his tutor took his leave, sparring with knights and well, just about anyone he could find that'd agree. However, little did he know that Gavyn was working in the shadows, conspiring against him. Gavyn went to his father, Osyne, spewing all sorts of lies that the head of the house would believe. Gavyn was always the favored son, his other two were too 'weak' to lead the legacy of their families name. No matter what his advisers or his friends said. Jasyne afterwards, would find himself a Vale-born tutor to teach him how to use the bow & arrow. For two years he trained, oblivious to his father and brothers plots, until he dawned the age of 23. Gavyn challenged Jasyne to duel, confident he would rise victorious despite the obvious gap in skill in between the two. Of course, as all would notice, Gavyn would be brought to his knees with the edge of a blade to his neck. When Jasyne demanded Gavyn to yield, he refused, and Gavyn looked over to his father to find guardsman holding a blade to her stomach and a blade to her throat. Osyne demanded that he slay his older brother whose pride proved too powerful to allow him to let himself live after his defeat. And just as Gavyn was about to drive his sword through Jasynes chest, he'd find his gaze along the floor, rolling away from.. His chest? Yes, Jasyne, who has tears rolling down his cheeks and falling onto the floor had beheaded his brother, and when he looked back towards his father and mother.. "End her." Said Osyne. And as Jasyne cried out, his loving mother who'd not hurt a fly had her stomach cut open along with her throat. The cries brought in a few guards, who looked as they too watched the guards kill their lady whose service they are sworn to. It wasn't long before Jasyne was charging his father, being guided with rage to kill him. Jasyne would find it is not only Gavyn who he can best in combat, but as well as his father who'd he would impale through the chest with his blade. Jasyne, who had simply wanted to go about his life, was forced to kill his brother, watch his mother die, and then slayed his father in rage. After this mess, at least a year. Rumors both good and bad rose about Jasyne. From the infamous Kin-Killer among nobles to the courageous Tryant's Bane among smallfolk. But all he wanted to do was avenge him mother. Jasyne by right became the Head of House, his seat? Crows Nest of course. And on a journey to find peace with himself, he and his younger brother have taken leave towards Oldtown. And all the while the memories of his older brother, father and mothers deaths are burned into his memory and recurring each night as nightmares…

When Jasyne arrived in Highgarden on his way to Oldtown, he had met a young woman by the name of Eris. Though the woman is a bastard, Jasyne was oblivious to this and within his stay at Highgarden the two would form a friendship. As it turns out, Eris was considerably good with children, unlike Jasyne. And Edmund sure did enjoy playing with her. Before his continuing his Journey to oldtown, where the young Eris was also heading, he had decided to offer her to be his Nursemaid, tending and helping to his young brother, lifting a heavy load off the lords shoulders. He continues residing within Highgarden for a while before heading out along the rose-road down towards Old Town, Eris accompanying him and his younger brother. As he travels with her, he learns of Eris' bastard origin(Not that he minds) and of her journeys. Listening all the while before telling her of his past before eventually, the two would arrive at Old Town.

RP Hooks

  • Infamous among Nobility; Jasyne is known among nobles as a savage, renown in all of westeros for the 'slaughter' of both his older brother and father. However there of course some nobles who believe Jasynes side of the story aside from his cousins and other relatives who oh-so despise him. Do you think of this man as a hero?
  • Famous among Smallfolk; While nobles hate him, smallfolk love him! Most of the smallfolk knew his father as a tyrant and his older brother as just a horrible person as his father. But, there are some who believe Jasynes relatives who spread such horrible rumors about him. Do you think of this man as a savage?
  • Bad Boy; Jasyne, much like his family, is sinisterly beautiful, sure he looks like he'd be a antagonist, but I wouldn't blame you if you lose strength in your legs when he looks to you for more than a second. Wanna join the girlz only club? Well come on in.(Totally serious 100% no joke.)


  • Infamous among Nobles: Kin-Killer, Jasyne is recognized as a savage among nobles due to slaying his father and older brother and rumors coming from his relatives from both sides of the family, the only one he can rely on now is his 10 year old brother, Edmund.
  • Famous among Smallfolk: Tyrant's Bane, Jasyne is recognized as a hero among smallfolk ever since he rid of his father and older brother, who were rumored to be tyrants and horrible people to common born people, even within the confines of their own and other cities.
  • Flashbacks, Jasyne has recurring nightmares and flashbacks of the death of his mother, how he beheaded his older brother and drove a sword through his fathers chest. He feels guilt, but can't bring himself to say he regrets what he has done.
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Sinister Beauty, Jasyne inherited his fathers killer good looks, assisted by his mothers beautiful eyes and skin, making him as beautiful, while looking like he might just be plotting to kill everyone!
  • Favored of Smallfolk, to smallfolk Jasyne's a pretty cool guy! They like him to the point if he isn't careful where he treads he may even form his own little crowd of fans or people just wanting to be seen near him.
  • Predator, Jasyne is a natural-born predator. Whether it be hunting down a fleeing criminal or hunting down that cute blonde down the street, check your corners, he just might be prowling after you!

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