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Character Details
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Name: Jarve Lannister
Aliases: The Crimson Lion
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Sep 27 96 (24)


A young knight of golden hair, light eyes, and strong Andal blood. His features are sharp and most would think him to be handsome at first sight. Tall, regal, without any fear of showing the world the power and pride of his House.

But perhaps what may get more attention is the red lion he always wears, as if being the opposition of his family coat of arms. His armor, which is worn more often than not, shows a mixture of scarlet and gold.


Ser Jarve Lannister, the Crimson Lion, has not always been the ill-fated Kinslayer the bards have long sung about. There was a time, many years from now, when Casterly Rock opened its gates for a young boy, age seven, second son of the Head of the ruling House of the Westerlands, to depart towards Blackhaven to prove his worth. For, even being second and born with nothing to inherit, a true Lion must always roar. And a true Lion must always fight for its place on the world. And nothing less than a true Lion must return to the Rock.

Being no more than a child, Jarve served as a squire under the tutelage of Ser Janasen Dondarrion, the Lightning of the East, deep beneath the Stormlands, where his family name meant little - just enough to get him a blade, a lance, and a horse. No gold, no luxury. Just a fate to be faced. Just a world to be taken.

The dutiful squire soon became a master swordsman, trusting his own life to a blade he wielded like few. A young promise of strong Andal blood, who earned his spurs and the title of Knight after rescuing his own master from the claws of a bandit group. But it, the title he had long fought for, was only a poisoned, bittersweet gift of the Seven, for the elder Dondarrion's wounds, product of fierce battle, took his last breath just a day after the ceremony. At least, Jarve has always said in distant voice, he had the death of the Warrior. Perhaps not a hero's ending, but those are rarely seen. He had a knight's death. Because that, a knight, is what he truly was. An honest farewell to old blood, and a new start for the new. How ironic would it be. How ironic, only the Seven could tell.


Three years later, days before returning to the Rock, Jarve Lannister knew he should end his long journey with that he cherished most. With that sensation that filled his soul and made his heart burn. A joust. Fortunately enough, a tourney was being held at Castamere, close from home and with a good amount of spectators to witness his prowess. Because he, a proficient young man who used the sword as a veteran, was also a famous jouster with an excellent renown on the lists. Many prizes had been earned and many contenders had been defeated, but his long exile would end with the biggest of them all.

His strikes were true, and applauses raged through the tribune as the man defeated one foe after another. Not a single opponent lasted more than a run, all of them sent to the dust and infamy, while the Lion could caress his close, inevitable, victory. Or so he thought. So everyone thought.

The final match faced him against a cousin of his own. Distant, a Lannister of Lannisport, though the mere name was enough for everyone to relate them. Lion against lion, lance against lance, the exchange was longer than anyone could have expected. Five lances broken in six passes. But the seventh, the very number of the Gods and our Kingdoms, gave Jarve the name he would wear for years to come.

Crimson shone his armor. The plate that once was golden, with a proud lion roaring from his chest, was now tinted in scarlet. Scarlet of blood. A blood that wasn't his. And a life, at that lists, at that match, was also taken. A life that wasn't his. The life of his cousin, his own kin, his own blood.

Kinslayer, they should have called him. But no one would put his life at risk by awakening the rage of Casterly Rock. Instead, The Crimson Lion was the name he received that inglorious day.

The second son, infamous and damned in the eyes of Gods and men, returned to his home wearing a red armor. He was a knight, and son of his well known father, and perhaps for that reason his name was saved by giving him a good betrothal. As good as he could have, if not even more.

And from then, the proud son of the rulers of the Westerlands has never stopped riding. He, who has glory. He, whose name has been heard from the Wall to the sands of Dorne. He, who has poured the blood of his own kin upon his chest. Kinslayer, most would say. But there is a name he has always liked more. The Crimson Lion.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Chivalrous
  • Dutiful
  • Infamous: Kinslayer
  • Overconfident

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