Broken Knight
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom as Jaremy Strickland
Name: Jaremy Strickland
Aliases: None
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Strickland
Occupation: Knight/Heir
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Feb 16 100 (21)


Jaremy stands a little under six feet tall, with dark hair that falls just short of touching his shoulders. The beard that clings to his jaw is well kept and styled, leaving the rest of his face clean. His features are sculpted and lean giving him a youthful appearance. His eyes a light grey, and they frame his hawklike nose. His skin is tanned lightly from long exposure to the outdoors. His arms and legs are corded and thickened with well defined musculature. Still he has managed to keep a lean and sinewy frame, and he moves with the fluid grace and quickness of a well versed knight.

The knight before you is dressed martially. A light shirt of grey material is worn under a long blue tunic. About the waist black breeches which spill from Black boots. Over this a hauberk of chain mail is worn, and falls down past his knees to dance at his shins. Over his along surcoat of navy is worn, and allows for his cowl of mail to hang out the back and spill at his shoulders. A braided arming belt of black is worn about his waist, and there attached is a fine sword with brown taped hilt and a round pommel with the Hawk and Moon etched in.

About his shoulders a cloak of grey sits, pinned by a silver shield in House Strickland's Sigil. On his hands are two thick metal rings.


Jaremy Strickland grew up on the stories of knights and their deeds. As a little boy his dream was to become a famous knight, and woo fair maiden. He would play with the other children at his father's hall reenacting the Targaryen conquest of Westeros, and the expusion of Dragons from Dorne. Being in the marches most families were quite well versed with tales from both countries. His father, Lord Sutton Strickland was ever delighted by his son, and made sure to foster these dreams. His mother was a Cockshaw woman.

In his youth he was taught as an heir should be, in order to take over the House, when his father would pass on. As for his knightly pursuit he was found a knight of extremely good order in the Martells, a means to tie to the Great House and show their loyalty as a vassal, the heir was sent to Sunspear and there to foster during his years as a squire.

He was squired under a Martell cousin, Lewyn Martell a fine feat for the noble house to achieve. He proved to have a natural skill with the blade, a quickness that Ser Lewyn had never seen before, and soundly the Strickland lad would thrash the other squires in the yard, (and even some other lordlings) during exercises. At tournaments he proved to be a boon of a help and something to watch in the Squire lists and melees. At age 19 he was knighted and his father paid a small fortune to see his son kitted properly. Soon enough, the Young Ser Jaremy was going to tournaments and making a name for himself. It so impressed a few lords in the Kingdom, that he was suddenly called to serve on an delegation to Kings Landing from Dorne. A very fine honor for such a young man. It was there that he would kill his first man. Tasked with aiding in the king's justice-this was considered to be the stepping stone for such a minor and foregin lordling, an easy task. Never the less, when he entered the Kingswood that day, he did not expect to take the outlaw's life and it shook him a little. He knew of all the glory knights received and indeed enjoyed some of it, but briefly. He for some reason, likely naivety did not expect to have to kill, or see war.

Both of which he did.

Still shaken from the first life he took, Jaremy was recalled back to Dorne in order to help serve as an escort for various Lords of the realm tied up in the Dornish marshes. It was here, where he was pressed even more so to kill in earnest, as on each ride out his convoy would usually come under attack. These were hot times in Dorne, and Lords were either being taken for ransom or killed outright.

His hugest and most celebrated Accolade, came when he saved a Fowler knight and his lady from ambush and capture in a particular vicious action. Jaremy slew five men outright, two of them knights-which for one so young was considered a fine feat. The lord paid him for his rescue and also awarded him two rings made of the swordsteel of the fallen knights.

Jaremy would remain in Red Mountains for a few more months, but finally was released under honorable discharge…though there were some rumors of his becoming depressed and prone to anxiety. He immediately went home, where his father could tell that something was not right, and rather than bring any sort of shame or shock in the open, quietly sent his son to Oldtown where the House keeps a stately home. It is no manse, but enough for the means of a knight and small household. It is there he hopes his son recovers from what most men see, and can move on.

RP Hooks


  • Anointed Knight
  • Natural Talent
  • Shell Shocked
  • Veteran of Foreign Affairs
  • Moral Compass
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Sutton Strickland
Father - Lord of our House, and my loving Father. He saw combat when he was my age-and he said he saw the same thing on other knights. He said rest would do me well. War is part of life, he told me. I understand it. I just cannot shake the images right now. I hope to in time.



Princess - I met her my first day within Oldtown. A wonderful woman. I told her I returned from the front..I don't know if that was wise. But, it was honest. I hope I see her again sometime.


Knight - Ser Aevander Targaryen, I met incidentally after a play at the Whimsy. I rode with him, and his brother on to the Uplands in search of a sister, and a dragon. He's inexperienced-at least in the ways of war. He seems a kind fellow though, and a good companion.


Maiden's Knight - A man I know from my time in Dorne. His was a similar awakening, though he was lucky. He came back unscathed. And so many of us, did not.


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