Ser Jaemion Waters
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as Jaemion Waters
Name: Jaemion Waters
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Knight / Henchman
Rank: Royal Bastard
Age: Mar 2 94 (29)


Ser Jaemion Waters is a near-flawless specimen of Valyrian manhood, standing some six feet and two inches high with all the rest in proportion. He is the fortunate possessor of a strong jaw, chiseled features, mesmerising violet eyes, and a physique well-honed by long hours in the training yard — the only complaint to make of his looks is that his ears stick out too far for beauty.

In his disdain of courtly fripperies, he keeps his blonde hair very short. His garb is well-made but plain, tending toward black, black, and more black, with only a single hint of red at any given time, as subtle as the lining of his sleeves or the stitching upon the scabbard of his ever-present sword. As far as he's concerned, smiling is something which happens to other people.


In the year 94 AC a child was born in the household of Prince Vhaeron and Princess Vhaerys Targaryen, who was not their own.

His mother was a handmaiden in attendance upon the princess, one of her famous and coveted dragonseed girls; her father… might have been one of several princes whose beds she was encouraged to seek for various reasons during the relevant period of time. Perhaps even Vhaeron himself.

The child's blood was so purely Valyrian that when the pregnancy wasn't caught early enough (the girl was so young, so inexperienced) the princess, thinking even then in the long term, expanded her pair of handmaidens to a trio and made the necessary arrangements. The unfortunate girl never arose from childbed; her son, however, was born a fine, healthy, violet-eyed boy, the image of any one of his possible royal fathers. He was fostered among old, retired retainers of that branch of House Targaryen until the time came for him to become a page at Dragonstone proper and then, in 105 AC, a squire to Prince Vhaeron.

The accident in the Vale changed everything. Jaemion's knight was dead, his princess confined in her insanity; he was passed between royal households as a sort of charity case, acquiring an eccentric education, until one particular prince who had been a boon companion of the twins in better days took charge of him and turned his native gift for swordsmanship into a true mastery. He was knighted only a week before Princess Vhaerys reemerged into the world, and what could be more natural than that he should take a place at her side? … She expected it, at any rate; and she made it worth his while.

Since then Ser Jaemion Waters has been her sworn shield and sometimes companion, in charge of the guards who secure her person, a highly favoured and most necessary member of her household. If she considers him her property — well, he's better off so than he would be alone. The four years he lived apart from her and her circle convinced him of that fact. With her, he is a minor prince in all but name: he lives in comfort, by her grace well above such trifling laws as don't matter anyway, with liberty enough to indulge his own hobbies and a ringside seat for the most entertaining of hers. His duties are none too onerous. He accompanies her about Oldtown, and during her travels. They spar together. They drink the odd glass of wine together. And if some of his errands on her behalf should take place in darkness and impenetrable secrecy — what the rest of the world doesn't know, will do it no harm.

RP Hooks

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  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Bastard Born
  • Loyal Henchman
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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