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Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi as Jacsen (Originally born Jacsen Waters)
Name: Jacsen (Originally born Jacsen Waters)
Faction: The Citadel/From the Crownlands.
Organization: Organization
Occupation: Maester
Rank: Maester
Age: 57


This man is in his late middle age and looks as though he might be pushing sixty years or so. Of thin build, he walks with a slight limp and carries an iron-shod black wooden cane. His long, weathered face frames a pair of deep green-grey eyes and bears an almost-triangular shape, and his hair is a silvery-grey.

He tends to scowl a lot, and even when he smiles, it's sort of — predatory.

He bears the multi-colored metal chain links indicating that he is a Citadel-trained Maester around his neck, and wears a simple black robe with a hood which is usually pulled back in this warmer climate. He has a pair of plain, servicable black boots on his feet.


Jacsen Waters was born an acknolwedged Bastard of a House Hogg knight and a woman who served as a cook in his his family's keep. In some strange act of mercy, the knight was a jolly sort who wanted nothing to do with his ill-gotten spawn but feared reprisal from the Seven and had some strange fondness for the smallfolk woman whose life he almost ruined. So, he sent mother and child a modest stipend that has been coming for some time, and the little rascal spent his earliest years hiding under her skirts and getting into trouble within the Keep. Also, the Seven were merciful to spare him the name "Jacsen Hogg," but that is neither here nor there. As Jacsen grew, he was a precocious child and found himself more interested in trying to hassle the adults he encountered than playing with the other children his age. This could have been disastrous had he not attracted the watchful eye of the House's attached Maester, Wyllas, whose reaction to the child progressed from exasperation to admiration as he caught the child of all things, snooping around with scrolls and books and trying to teach himself to read.

Initially punishing the lad, the Maester was impressed by his persistence and the, err, creativity of his questions. Eventually Wyllas gave up and started keeping the bastard boy around as a helper. Time past, and the Maester left an imprint on the boy as he absorbed his generally irascible demeanor and developed a love of literature, politics, history, and he spent a large amount of time imagining the inner workings of Westeros' powerful and storied in his head. Eventually, the boy was admitted as a novice to the Citadel where he began his life's work, forging his chain, and becoming a Maester. Eventually, that is.


Having forged his chain, he bears links of Iron (for warcraft), black iron (for ravenry) as well as one for philosophy/literature, history, and statecraft (don't ask me what metals those are yet ok). Jacsen has served as a Maester where the Citadel has placed him, and spent many years in the Vale attached to House Waynwood where his patience was tested to its limit due to Waynwood's general insistance on pomp and ceremony.

He's back at the Citadel now, awaiting reassignment. Thank the Seven.


  • Bastard Born - Yep, he's a bastard. We've established this.
  • Horrible Curmudgeon: Jacsen is irascible, quick-tempered, and has seen a large amount in his life and does not suffer fools. He's diplomatic when he needs to be but — only when he needs to be.
  • Lame: Jacsen has a habit of going where he shouldn't, probably, and was in the wrong place at the wrong time one night in Oldtown where he was the victim of a thief. He beat the lad senseless with a stick when catching up with him, where he proceeded to be set upon by the thief's fellows. He survived, but his leg was cut with a knife and has never healed quite properly. Thus, he walks with a cane. And limps. And shakes the cane when he is angry. Which is all the time.
  • Mummer fan/secret playwright:Jacsen loves the theatrical arts, and those of mummers as well. It's a secret, guilty pleasure and has even tried his hand at writing a play here and there. Anonymously of course, because it's not like he wants to be caught having his name on one.
  • Wealth: Middle Class - Maester got some cash.

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