The Siren
Adela Popescu
Adela Popescu as Isyndra
Name: Isyndra
Aliases: Syn, Syn the Siren, Siren
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Minstrel
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Sep 22 102 (18)


A young woman who appears to be in her late teens or possibly her very early twenties. Where it can be seen her lightly tanned complection is smooth and clear, the skin looking clean and soft to the touch. Blonde hair is is a light gold in its shade and is loosely curled falling down past her shoulders reaching the middle part of her back at its longest. Arched brows are the same shade as that hair and curve over almond shaped eyes with thick lashes. The lids of those eyes are highlighted with a smoky grey makeup. Those eyes themselves are blue, not a pale blue but a dark and deep sapphire blue with a playful shine to them. High set cheekbones and a long slender and straight nose lead down to a sloping jaw and full pouty lips have a delicate pink tint to them. A short yet slender neck leads down to a fit and feminine body. With her height at five foot eight inches she is a bit slim in proportion to her height but her full breasts and rounded hips give no doubts that she is indeed female.

She is currently wearing a form-fitting gown of deep blue with white accents. A low cut front reveals a hint of her full breasts and the way the fabric from the neckline to the waist clings to her leaves very little to the imagination. The sleeves of the dress are tight with white trim around the cuffs that stop just before a pair of delicate hands with long nimble fingers. Past her waistline the dress flows lossly to the floor reaching her ankles. A pair of matching boots of soft dark blue leather are worn with the dress. She is almost always seen carrying a well made wooden lute.


Born to a pair of smallfolk merchants from Highgarden Isyndra had a better childhood than most of her station. With two older brothers and enough money for basic lessons and few luxuries the young girl had a good life. She grew up with a large family that included an uncle who was an inkeeper. Staying in her uncles in she picked up a little from the minstrels who passed through town. At the age of seven she had earned enough pocket money helping her uncle and doing odd jobs to buy her first lute. After much practice it was decided she had natural talent. By age thirteen she was playing singing and dancing for the crowds at her uncles establishment. She drew many eyes and earned a nickname from a group of passing sailors that happened to stick. The Siren became known as one of the better bards of Highgarden and several nobles wanted her to play for them and she did. One lesser noble Martin Crane expressed interest in more than her songs. She gave into his desires and they shared many a night together until his Lady wife found out. Her husband refused to let his wife ruin his favorite paramour so he sent word to her to flee the city. It was this that brought Isyndra or Syn the Siren as she is also called to Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Well Known Minstrel: Are you from Highgarden? If you've been there in the past few years you may have heard of Syn the Siren whose music was said to be one of the most beautiful things a man could hear. She performed for nobles and smallfolk alike and had quite a few admirers. She is best known in Highgarden but rumors of her have spread to all corners of The Reach.
  • Angry Wife Issues: A few less than savory rumors circle her involving trysts with men of all sorts even those who were married. In fact another rumor states one angry noblewoman was the reason she was chased from Highgarden to Oldtown.
  • Playful Tease: Testing limits is a favorite hobby of hers. She likes to tease and push even the most frigid gentleman's limits until he breaks down and admits to wanting her.


  • Wealth: Well Off: Between her performance skills and the support given by her family and a few wealthy noble friends she does rather well for herself.
  • Favored of Nobles: She has an elegance and grace to her along with her skills in music that draws the attention of many a noble. She is always polite and perfectly willing to perform for them if they ask and this only helps her case.
  • Attractive: She draws and eyes and turns heads wherever she goes. Her cheerful outlook and playful teasing nature only seem to add to her beauty.
  • Graceful: She moves with an ease and grace that puts many a noble to shame. She is also a skilled dancer.

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Acquaintance A charming man who I first met in the square. He dances quite well and seems to be good company so far.


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