Sophia Myles
Sophia Myles as Isriana
Name: Isriana
Aliases: Is
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Tailor
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Mar 24 94 (26)


Isriana is a short woman with wavy blonde hair. She has fair skin and light blue eyes that are under well manicured brows. She is a curvy woman, and tends to wear clothing that accentuates her features. Being a tailor, her clothing is always well made, well kept and while it is not made of the most expensive fabric it is always well kept. She favors earth tones, and does not wear a lot of jewelery save for a thing gold chain around her neck.


It was always obvious what Isriana was destined to do when she was born. Born the daughter of a tailor, at a young age, she was sitting at her mother's feet, learning how to sew, embroider, and design garments. Saryth was a very skilled seamstress and several people in Oldtown would come to her when they needed things mended, or a new frock to wear. She catered and to the rich and the poor alike, while her father Kael handled the finances of their humble shop.

Isriana was an adventurous little girl, and for many years she was at the heels or Rory, a budding forest guide. For a while she believed that she may seek out other employment, after her mother got ill, she knew that she had to take her place. After her thirteenth year, she, she was taking on the most of the work in the shop, and after her mother passed after Isriana came of age, she devoted all of her time to the shop. It has taken several years but she has made a name for herself in Oldtown as the one to go to for any tailoring needs.

RP Hooks

*Do you need something mended, or a new dress new to impress, come see me!


  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Never Forgets a Face
  • Famous: Tailor

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