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Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde as Isara Piper
Name: Isara Piper
Aliases: Isa
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Piper
Occupation: Brewer
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Aug 3 98 (22)


Soft golden cream skin caresses the pigmentation of this young woman, oval wrought face captures her facial features neatly; almond shaped eyes harbour striking sea blue irises, the right pupil perpetually larger than the left, lashes gently framing beneath a natural brow line while a full mouth perks in a semi-smile naturally, coloured a soft pink-brown. Bridge of her nose is long, curving to the right before it ends strongly in a caress of flesh outwards, freckles dabbling against cheekbones and nose, her face held by a strong jawline. She stands around 5'3", body slightly athletic though more on the thinner side, while gentle curves afford her some femininity along with modest bosom. Her hair falls down just below her shoulders, straight and coloured a light caramel brown. When she speaks her voice is whiskied and low, pleasant to the ears.


Born under the joyful beams of a hot summer sun in 98, Isara was born to Hanlon Piper and Idera Piper nee Smallwood at Pinkmaiden Castle, youngest of five children in all, two brothers and two sisters. The family ran a vineyard and was known for their sweet wines and honeyed meads.

As a small child, indeed through much of her adolescence, she was always very shy, which was only furthered by a stutter from a language delay she suffered likely from her mothers tough pregnancy with her which nearly took her mothers life, the trauma imparting upon the infant the violation of neurological issues.

Despite being the youngest, of which such a position would oft bring her the most attention and affection being the baby of the family, she found that instead she was relegated to the lowest rung of the children due to her speech impediment which made it near impossible when she was stressed to speak. And stress abounded everywhere as it would any noble family striking out and making noble alliances while fighting on war fronts and for family honor.

As she grew she was often the butt of jokes in court, whispered words following her, and outright mocking teasing occurring to the girls face which further cemented her need to squirrel herself away, losing herself in books and scrolls and the family business.

She found, as did her parents and siblings, that she had a way with brewing and a tongue that was keen on tasting the subtleties within the wines, the various levels of flavor and so forth. As she grew so did her mind, and she found a passion in the back rooms creating, experimenting and seeing a finished product well received.

Throughout the years she would have interaction with her later husband to be Teryin Lefford, not having paid him much mind as it was made quite clear to her that her viability for a marriage match was low, and she'd be best to keep expectations low, likely to find a suitor with a number of things wrong with him in order to use her for alliances if any would be offered. Given his state of being betrothed to an elder sister, she treated him as every inch the brother, kind to him and loving but never crossing the line into romantic love, the thought never having entered her mind.

Once she was old enough a decision was made to allow her into the family business, though she did not have a keen mind for the economic side of business, her friend Aleesi and sister to Teryin took up where she lacked in the business acumen while Isara herself did the creating of the wines, specializing in pomegranate wines as her own personal favorite, and delving into the barley wines for a stouter vintage.

Eventually, as fate would have it, Teryin would ask for permission to seek her hand in marriage and Isara would relent, if only because he was so ardent about his affections, though rather rough about it.

They would marry and she would gain the news that a Winery and Eatery was to be ventured along with her friend Aleesi with their parents funding it, another grand new adventure to embark upon which would lead them to Oldtown and a new environs.

However Oldtown is not the fantasy she imagined it would be. There is a coarseness she's not used to and a straying of her husband towards others that has her realizing that the world is not as it seems. It's not a bad thing, it's forcing her to grow up, steel herself to the harsh realities that she isn't as interesting as other women, especially those who are common and much looser in morals. But it's also opened up possibilities with her business, the Winery, and new friends.

Playing further into the non-fantasy of Oldtown is the fact that Isara ended up getting her marriage to Teryin annulled due to an inability for him to consumate the marriage. She is now once again Isara Piper, running the Winery with a small crew of folks and a staff at the vineyard.

RP Hooks

Pinkmaiden born and raised.
Like wine? So does she! A lot!
Works in the winery, again, like wine?


  • Keen sense: Taste
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Addicted to Alcohol
  • Haunted: Death of Sister
  • Stutter when Stressed

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Friend - Bastion is a Godsend in this godforsaken town. He seems genuinely interested in knowing me and spending time with me, which is nice. He's very kind, I would have thought a Stark would have, well, been much too important to find anything of passing interest in conversation with me. And he's a High Tower Guard. Which means when we're out I don't have to worry as much. A nice boon. I cherish our friendship and hope through him I can make more.


Undecided - I believe this woman to be the cause of the rift between my husband and I. Though I am fully aware he went out looking for such, thus the intent was his, she merely fed into it. But still, I do wonder if I visit her what news will she give me?


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