Iron Bank


The Iron Bank in Oldtown

  • Ronio Malti, Branch Manager NPC
  • Malesso Foratis, Assistant Manager NPC
  • Draqo Essar, a put-upon clerk NPC
  • Valjean Soze, a collections specialist PC
  • Ida Imaldi, a visiting keyholder PC
  • Jaqero Orlassi, a visiting clerk NPC

The Iron Bank in Braavos

  • Inigo Imaldi, a keyholder and director NPC
  • Valgan Sostorze, a keyholder NPC
  • Faustra Iltonis, an employee of the bank Idle PC
  • Sable Derossi, an employee of the bank Idle PC

PC Members

Faustra Ida Sable Valjean
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