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Leona Lewis as Iphigenie
Name: Iphigenie
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: Sothoryos
Organization: Naath
Occupation: Entertainer
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Dec 23 92 (30)


If just the sight of a person could elicit thoughts of warm, far-off beaches under a sweltering summer sun, Iphigenie is certainly that person. Standing 5'5" with dark curly hair and sun-kissed skin, she is very obviously not from Westeros or even Dorne. Her eyes are large and grey with flecks of gold. Her lips are full, situated below a straight, distinguished nose.

When not in theater costume, Iphigenie can be seen wearing modest fashion from all over the world— Braavos, Pentos, and Lys. At the moment, she wears a simple gown wrought from the darkest sea green silk. She wears brown doeskin sandals beneath. Various golden jewelry glints from her ears, wrists, and fingers.


In the year 92, far across the Summer Sea in Naath, a baby was born in an unremarkable shack near the warm waters. Her parents named her Iphigenie, and their life together was beautiful and sweet and simple. At least, for a time.

In 97, slavers from Essos came to the western shores of Naath and stole Iphigenie and many others from their village by the sea. Anyone who was not deemed valuable was murdered, and the village was burned. Iphigenie's first memory is clinging to her mother in the belly of a ship which sailed for Astapor.

When they reached Slaver's Bay, Iphigenie was forcibly separated from her mother and sold to an Astapori slave trader for an insignificant price. Between the ages of five and thirteen, she was sold a handful of times to different buyers from Volantis to Lys. She was usually put to work sewing, cleaning, and doing other menial tasks. Most of her owners were kind enough in that they were mostly indifferent to her. One, in particular, was not. Iphigenie still bears those scars, physically and emotionally.

Time passed. It wasn't until the year 105, when she was sold to a wealthy Pentoshi merchant in Lys, that Iphigenie first stepped into a proper theater. The merchant used Iphigenie, fluent in Lysine and half a dozen other languages by now, as a translator, including when he sought entertainment in the city. The young girl was immediately drawn to the fantasy, drama, and romance depicted in theater. The costumes and music bewitched her. She grew to know all the actors and actresses by name, and sometimes snuck in to see plays and concerts while she was supposed to be on errands for her master. Watching theater was Iphigenie's single escape from the bitter reality of a slave's life.

One sweltering summer night in 107, Iphigenie was awoken by a violent shriek. Upon investigating, she stumbled upon the lifeless body of her master, riddled with stab wounds and laying in a pool of his own blood. A fellow slave, the boy from the Basilisk Isles whom she always suspected her master used for less innocent purposes than translation, had murdered the Pentoshi man where he slept, and quickly escaped, leaving Iphigenie alone in the merchant's house.

In a panic, Iphigenie fled the house and went to the only place she could think to go: the theater. It was afterhours, but still a handful of the actors lingered backstage, drinking after that night's show. Iphigenie begged the thespians, who were a traveling troupe, to help her escape the city in exchange for work as a stagehand, seamstress, errand-runner, whatever they needed. All she wanted was to be out of Lys, and out of slavery. After some argument amongst themselves, the troup eventually agreed and smuggled Iphigenie with them to Pentos soonafter.

Iphigenie's first year with the troupe in Pentos was spent doing just those things she'd promised: particularly, costume making. However, in exchange for her service, many of the actors and musicians gave her lessons in their trade. She learned acting, singing, various string instruments, and even the occasional stunt. She was a natural, and was soon allowed to understudy for certain roles. She finally got her chance on the stage in the year 108, playing a supporting role in the musical The Dornishman's Dance. It's said that her acapella solo in the show brought spectators to tears. Iphigenie spent several years with that traveling troupe and afterwards, nearly a decade at the main theater in Braavos. She's become very famous— a household name— for her romantic lead and musical prowess on stage.

For a reason not publicly known and to the dismay of many, Iphigenie has abdicated her place at the theater in Braavos and travels now to Oldtown in Westeros, looking to find work in theater and perhaps see a little more of the world.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Famous: Popular Actress
  • Vegetarian
  • Troubled Past
  • Monotheist: Lord of Harmony

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