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Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman as Ilysabeth Redwyne
Name: Ilysabeth Redwyne
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Faction: The Reach
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Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Dec 8 103 (17)



Ilysabeth Redwyne is the sixth of the Lord of the Arbor's ten children, the last born to his first wife and so popular talk has it the favorite of all his children. As a child, Ilysa ran wild with her older brothers. Although her older sisters were very much proper ladies and spent their time learning the womanly arts to better prepare for good marriages to further House Redwyne's status in the Reach, Ilysa spent more time slumming with her brothers in the ports, or out hunting either in the fields and forests of the island or from ships like the Ironborn were said to do up north.

Eventually, Ilysa's father remarried. While his first marriage had been one of love in his youth, the second was a political match designed to increase the prestige of House Redwyne in local politics. Ilysa's new stepmother was a stern influence in the household. Although she was fair, she was also determined that Ilysa would at least know how to be a proper lady no matter what she chose to do. Under her guidance, Ilysa learned deportment and needlecraft, as well as dancing, the healing arts, and even became quite interested in wine-making.

As they grew older, Ilysa watched as all her older siblings were married off into other noble houses to create ties of blood and her younger siblings were all fostered off increase House Redwyne's influence in the Reach. When she turned sixteen and her stepmother began talking of marrying her off, her father refused. Ilysa had grown into the very image of her mother at her age, and despite the policy he and his new lady had agreed upon of using all the children to further their political power he decided that Ilysa at least would have her own choice of husband.

And so Ilysa remained at the Arbor, filling her time with hunts and studying history as well as the odd bit of time spent slumming in the docks while pretending to be small folk just for amusement. Until disaster struck the family.

The first sign of what was to come was when her oldest brother, Brennan, died unexpectedly in 119. The loss of his heir was a major setback for the Lord of the Arbor, but more deaths soon followed. Two of Ilysa's older sisters died in childbirth, and one of her older brothers died in a hunting accident that she personally witnessed. And finally, Ilysa's four youngest siblings all drown when a ship they were traveling on capsized in a sudden storm.

In less than a year, the Lord of the Arbor had lost over half his children and the influence that he had gained from their various marriages. Of his ten children, the only surviving son was his only heir and already betrothed to one of the daughters of House Stark while Ilysa's only sister was already married to the Lord of House Bulwer. Only Ilysa remained unwed.

Although she had long ago been promised that she wouldn't be forced into marriage by her father, Ilysa's stepmother was more practical. Ilysa had become too valuable to let live the wild existence she had known.

With the Lord of the Arbor incapacitated by grief, Ilysa's stepmother once more took her in hand, and in less than a year prepared the wild young woman for marriage. And she arranged for Ilysa to travel to Oldtown where their liege lords, House Tyrell, might better be able to find her a match.

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  • Wild Child
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Attractive
  • Charismatic

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