Pam Poovey
Pam Poovey as Ilona
Name: Ilona
Aliases: "Hammer"
Faction: Stormlands
Organization: Organization
Occupation: Blacksmith
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: 18


The first thing one will doubtless notice about this woman is her sheer size. She stands head and shoulders taller than most women, and many men for that matter, nearly six feet and with broad shoulders and a heavy build. While "large" her build cannot be considered "soft," and she is in defiance of the gentle courtly expectations for "voluptuous" women.

This is better stated by many uncouth taverngoers throughout the Seven Kingdoms as 'built like a stone shithouse.' Her hands and mannerisms are rough as any tradesman's but her laugh and voice are loud and ready.

Her broad face is that of a woman maybe two decades old and her face is rounded, rosy-cheeked, grey-eyed and framed by an unruly mass of blonde hair piled atop her head and tied back with whatever is available.


Ilona was born of nobody of consequence in the Ashford of the Stormlands, but these nobodies had names — a smith named Osric and his wife Linna. Linna died of some kind of nasty epidemic that was going around when Ilona was roughly four years old, leaving Osric to take care their two children, Ilona and her older brother Edwin. Edwin was a resentful and indolent child, whereas Ilona grew up practically glued to her father's coattails. Truth be told this fed into a vicious cycle - he doted on his daughter and was hard on his son, who eventually ran off to become a sellsword in his teenage years.

Ilona was obsessed with her father's craft and against all common sense, he let her hang around their modest shop as she grew up, eventually employing her to handle customers as she took orders. A personable and extroverted child, her confidence took a beating as she wasn't exactly a "pretty, dainty" girl, which led to some trouble with the other children while growing up. Lucky for her, she was able to defend herself not only with words, but fists. As she grew and grew, her father's health started to fail and Osric in his desperation at first tried to hire apprentices to no avail, the two he went through did not work out, and he eventually just started to give up to the point of which Ilona was able to convince her father to do something unthinkable for most young women in the seven kingdoms — he would teach her his craft.

o this end, she became successful, learning not only how to forge tools and implements of farming and civic life, but weapons as well. To protect the business, Osric still passed off their goods as his own, but his daughter essentially saved their life for a time until his health failed to the point of which that he died of some wasting disease. Ilona was left with basically nothing except her own skills and wits, which — as useful as they were, weren't exactly easy for a woman to make her way with in Westeros.

Later in her teens, she left Ashford and travelled to of all places, King's Landing, often living hand-to-mouth and selling what posessions she could until fate changed one night in a disgusting tavern in the city known as "The Golden Pig." You know, one of those places where you have to pay extra for wine and ale that do not have hair or dead insects in them. A fairly opportunistic Braavosi merchant by the name of Spiros Tzavaris was down on his luck and bemoaning his fate as the "Master Craftsman" he employed and he had a horrible argument and said blacksmith had basically thrown down his hammer and quit, leaving town and wanting nothing to do with the man. It might have been the fact that Spiros was so thoroughly drunk that Ilona talked to him and was able to hustle him with a couple of the finest knives she had left — no, not that kind of hustle. He didn't believe it at first, but she swore she could make such implements. And really, what did Spiros have to lose? Unless he found a new smith, he was ruined.

The very next day, she was given a chance to demonstrate her skill, mostly because Spiros, for all his greed, is a man of his word and finally promised to give her a chance and she demonstrated that in fact she was eager, no, desperate to work at a trade that wouldn't result in a short life or abject poverty (or both).

From that day forward, Spiros hired her on as his smith, although he is careful to reveal the source of his work because he imagines that most of the Seven Kingdoms aren't as…well, pragmatic as he is when it comes to this sort of thing, and one of his large but fairly dumb lads he employs for sheer heavy lifting is usually given credit. Ilona resents this somewhat but understands that her current calling is better than nothing, and truth be told Spiros is good to her. Since those days in King's Landing, they have relocated to the Reach city of Oldtown after some "misunderstandings" with a supply chain, and some better deals to be had. Here, Ilona hammers away in secret, drinks away her nights, and prays to the Seven for a more just Westeros where one day a woman like her can be given the credit that she is due.


Wealth: Middle Class - Ilona makes a decent enough living as part of Spiros' mercantile operation. While she doesn't obviously control the finances, her employer understands that she is loyal and he's no fool when it comes to ruining a good thing.

Dreamer: Well, what kind of woman in her position wouldn't long for a different world? She doesn't want to sit at home merely raising children and has yet to meet many men (OR women for that matter) who accept this at all, let alone understand it.

Tough - She's had to put up with a lot to get by in life. Considering she's so large this toughness is just as physical as it is mental.

Stubborn - See above. Nobody will tell her no. Nobody. Well, they can, but she'll just find a way around them. This doesn't necessarily defy common sense (she's not to do something stupid like punch guards or step out of line to her betters) but she is quite willful.

LOUD - She is not a quiet, bashful soul. From laughter to anger, she has trouble /not/ wearing her heart on her sleeve. Again, note that this doesn't necessarily venture into the realm of stupidity. She wouldn't have made it this far otherwise.

RP Hooks

Blacksmithing!: You want to buy a weapon? Some kind of metal tools? Come on down to Spiros' shop in Oldtown. You may be quite surprised.

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