Igdannha Targaryen
Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning as Igdahn
Name: Igdahn
Aliases: Igda, Iggie
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Occupation: Lady in Waiting
Rank: {$rank}
Age: 15

Let other women dazzle the world with the bright beauty of their faces and the sweet sound of their voices, the charming ways they move about in the dance. Let others sway many an eager suitor with the promise of power and a father's ample coffers. Let others show the flare of a sturdy hip in tight-laced raiment to prove herself the provider of many a strong-lunged heir. Lady Igdahn offers only the epithet she has earned through years of lying hidden and remaining silent: the Chaste. What that is worth to you, you may decide, but to her it has been her boon and her triumph.


Nobody ever expected Igdahn to live as long as she has. As is only too common in her family, she was born tiny, grew sickly, and has been on death's door more times than her parents can count. But, having survived to fifteen, she is out in the world and away from her beloved father's side for the first time to join the courts of nobility and prove the reputation for chastity, charity and industry which she has cultivated hitherto.


  • Avid Correspondent

Igdahn keeps correspondence with a truly dizzying array of people, for someone her age. She spends several hours every day attending simply to her letter-writing, and seems to find great joy in it. She keeps no correspondence with any man unrelated to her, but has maintained some manner of communication through the post with most of the women with whom she's had contact in her life.

  • Needle and Loom

It is not uncommon for noblewomen to be involved in the arts. But Igdahn does not paint, nor draw, riding horse-back makes her ill, and she finds singing and dancing in front of people to be not only embarrassing but also somewhat unseemly for a lady of her modesty. Drawing attention to herself at all makes her uncomfortable, but she is happy enough to stay behind her loom, the most chaste of the feminine arts, and to embroider pretty little things for her friends.

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My dear Lady Reyna.


Poor motherless child.


A shame upon our house.


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