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Carrie Preston
Carrie Preston as Ida Imaldi
Name: Ida Imaldi
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Free Cities
Organization: The Iron Bank
Occupation: Banker
Rank: Keyholder
Age: Oct 27 82 (40)


Ida Imaldi stands 5'3" upon her narrow bare feet, or 5'4" with shoes on. In the main she is made delicately, proportionately; her long neck is one of her better features, likewise the slender shape of her fingernails; however, she is a tad heavier about the hips than she'd like to be, and her garments are cut in the hope of disguising this fact. She walks swiftly but uncertainly, lightly upon her feet, as though she's not sure where she's going, and she often has a small bruise or two visible upon her forearms from bumping thoughtlessly against one thing whilst reaching out for another.

Her dark red hair is always pinned up at the back of her head, but always threatening to come down again and having to be fixed by impatient pale hands. She has fair skin which rarely sees the sun, and which has begun to show signs of her age: small lines frame her lively blue-green eyes. Her thin coral-coloured lips smile easily, showing neat white teeth. Her moods pass in rapid succession across features as readable as a balance sheet.

She is wearing a finely-stitched gown of dark blue linen, cut with a modest square neck and loose billowing sleeves long enough to conceal her hands. It just brushes the tops of her similarly well-made black leather boots. Attire which would not be out of place upon a prosperous merchant or a minor noblewoman, though there's something foreign about the style… Her only piece of jewellery is a single row of white pearls at her throat.


Ida Imaldi is a neat little woman in her middle years who spends the greater part of her life sitting behind a desk in Braavos.

On both sides of her father's family she is descended from centuries of keyholders: the mercantile aristocrats of the Iron Bank, who by means of their intertwined lineages keep a stranglehold on financial and political power in Braavos and beyond. In her colouring however she takes after her mother, an escaped slave who found sanctuary and then romance amongst the canals.

She does not sit on the Iron Bank's board of directors (that's more her sphere of her little brother, Inigo), nor at the head of any department. Clerks and other lower-level employees often have no idea what it is she does, exactly, but the higher they rise within the bank the more apparent it slowly becomes that she is a precious commodity, to be consulted and cultivated. She rarely meets with clients, unless they happen to be family; but her signature on a document is regarded as being absolutely binding in the bank's name.

She lives in a small house of her own near the bank's premises, distinguished by its steep sloping roof and its multitude of hanging baskets and windowboxes growing wildflowers, and she commutes to and fro by gondola.

Occasionally she takes a holiday in a place of financial interest.

RP Hooks

  • Do you like money?
  • Abstract art?
  • Redheads?


  • Eidetic Memory

Ida remembers all that she sees, hears, and reads, whether she wants to or not. (Sometimes she really doesn't.)

  • Egalitarian

She finds Westeros's feudal system quaint and ridiculous, and breezes straight through its class structure. She speaks alike to servants and princes and holds all to the same standards of decent behaviour.

  • In Gold We Trust

She believes in finance as some people believe in religion: as an all-powerful force for good, linking together all the nations and houses and people of the world. For her a contract is a sacred bond. Slavery, the illegal confiscation by one man of the products of another's labour, is nothing short of a sin.

  • Honest To Gold

In higher banking circles Ida's name is a byword for financial probity. She is absolutely honest, absolutely reliable, a third party the other two can trust to deal fairly between them.

  • Profitess

Her ability to predict market activity could pass for witchcraft.

  • Wealth: Opulent

She is a keyholder and significant shareholder of the Iron Bank.

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