Housing And Equipment


Players cannot build. If you want an area built, +request it, including information about where you would like it to be located, and descriptions for the rooms. Be aware that staff will almost certainly make some changes to specific descriptions, regardless of whether you have requested a public area or a private house. Also be aware that if you leave the game, areas built at your request will remain.

These houses that bear unique names and remain much the same throughout the life of the game are meant to give our little grid a more medieval feel.

As our game grows characters will be expected to move into existing housing more and more frequently, and possibly role-play around the fact that real estate is limited in medieval walled cities, renovations are a rarity, and the best houses may be highly coveted.

It very likely that people will share housing with others, and some buildings, particularly those belonging to specific noble families, are meant to have private rooms added to them as needed. In most cases, you're welcome to request additional rooms and "I just want them," is adequate reasoning.

People regularly request a country-houses outside the city. If you are playing smallfolk wanting a one-room cottage, that suits. Understand that it is a walled city for a reason, and in time any luxury residence is liable to be attacked, but the local lords do not want a fortified residence that they don't control on their lands, so the grand country estate is a no.

It's a city crisscrossed with little streams and canals, and there are few, if any, cellars, crypts, basements, etc.

Where do I go?

Hightower family members and their guests live in The Hightower, on Battle Island. Any noble of a Great House might live with them indefinitely as a guest, barring unusual circumstances.

On Starry Street, Targaryens have the Dragon Door Manse, Lannisters have the Lion Door Manse, the Florents have Foxearth Manse, and the Dornish Nobility have the White Stone Manse.

On Sphinx Street is the Tyrell's Oldtown residence, Garden Isle, and the Baratheon's Stag Door Manse.

On Hightower Street the Tullys have Leaping Trout Manse.

On Old Street is the Weirwood Manse, belonging to the Starks.

Living in the family residence is not mandatory, but it is very much the custom.

A Noble House might rent out its Oldtown manse if it's unoccupied.

Anyone might rent a room in the Quill and Tankard at Hightower and Citadel. The poor might pay a penny a night to sleep in the filthy upstairs room at the Tooth and Nail in the Undercity, and the more respectable poor might rent a room in the Widow's Walk Pension House on Harbour Street. The Golden Maiden Inn on Lower Hightower Street provides lodging for the genteel, and is considered appropriate for Highborn ladies. Dornish visitors might stay in the Acacia and Leopard Hall on Harbour Street. It is a club, restricted to those with Dornish blood, and the modest membership dues entitle members to reasonably priced food and lodging.


Currently, Watercliff Manse and Dovecote Tower on Sphinx Street, Sunflower Manse on Lower Hightower Street (a rental from House Cuy, and should a PC Cuy appear, you might get kicked out), Sailfin Manse and Ironwood Manse on Hightower Street, Otterslide Manse and Weathervane Manse on Champion’s Way, Gryphon House on Appletree Wynd, Sunset Manse on Beacon Boulevard, and Clear Rindle House on Harbour Street are available. +request if you wish to take up residence in one of these places.

The Merrywidow Herbal Shop on Old Street, and the Sculptor’s Shop and the Dressmaker's Shop on Kettlebelly Lane are also available for PC proprietors.


See +gear in game. +request if the things you require aren't available.

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